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Unfortunate Position

Donetsk Mayor relocated into Kiev due to his political position

Donetsk Mayor Mr. Alexander Lukyanchenko left the city and moved to Kiev, announces RIA Novosti. "Unfortunately, my position does not allow me to stay in Donetsk," – the mayor explained his relocation. – link (in Russian)

PS. Yet another consequence of the retreat of Strelkov into Donetsk. The disrupted surrender of the city made the political machinations on giving up the city and the backstage negotiations with the junta and Mr. Akhmetov impossible. From here the suffering actors – somewhat earlier the battalion "Vostok" of Mr. Khodakovsky was reassigned to Strelkov, the local police was cleansed, and today the Donetsk mayor ran into Kiev.
The question of why his position allowed Mr. Lukyanchenko to remain in Donetsk before July 5th is purely rhetorical because the answer is obvious. The reasons for shelling of Donetsk that started recently are also obvious – the plans of surrendering the city fell apart, so weapons are now used instead. It is absolutely clear that after the arrival of the curator on the state security side from Moscow, the field for backstage maneuvers narrowed to a limit, after which the absolute clarity with the development of the situation formed – either the militia will stand or they will be crushed.

Original article: (in Russian)

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