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Bulat Now Is Not The Same It Used To Be

At some point on various political and near-military forums that heated discussion on the topic of Ukrainscious (i.e., Ukraine-conscious) cries of "Bulat – the best tank on the territory of the CIS" (in Russan) (or even the world in the most wacko cases) with obligatory comparisons with the T-90 modifications.
Lately the "Bulats" started to be used in the punitive operation in Donbass.
The tanks of the 1-st separate tank brigade of the 8-th army corpus of Ukraine were redeployed Into the zone of the standoff between the Ukrainian fascists and the militia. This detachment, primarily, is armed with the best modification of the T-64 tank: this is BM "Bulat".
Ukrainian experts proclaimed that, due to the availability of the dynamic defense of the type "Knife" this tank "is effectively invulnerable for the modern anti-tank weapons", both in forehead projection, and from the sides.
The Russian experts noted, that the Ukrainian constructors failed to provide effective anti-mine robustness of the chassis of the tank, the bottom.
Moreover, there are problems with the protection of the so-called "lower forehead detail", which is a problem not only for the tanks of "T" series, but also for the majority of the machines in the world armies. – link (in Russian)

PS. Practice showed that the tank is a tank, it is nothing nothing super-complicated from the point of view of destruction, the militia already burned at least 1.
Meanwhile the junta is trying to (in Russian) present the destroyed tank as a "success of its aviation".

 Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: luhansk, tanks, war in ukraine

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