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Summary From "Ghost" Batallion

​Summary from the "GHOST" battalion:
Over the last few days, the fighters in our detachment destroyed: 1 tank, 2 IFV, 3 APC, 3 mortar squads, 1 AA gun, 2 machine gun squads, 6 snipers and personnel, about 100 items. Also during the airstrike on Loskutovka we shot down an attack plane of the Ukrainian air force (the pilot catapulted on the occupied territory, where the jet itself fell too).
There are no losses in the personnel of the battalion! But, according to the announcement of the Ukrainian media, during the airstrike on Loskutovka a whole detachment of "chechens" from among our battalion was eliminated.
As a commander of the people's militia of Luhansk area, I can assure all residents of Chechnya, and Mr. Kadyrov personally, that not a single of your compatriots perished. And cannot perish because among our militia there is not a single Chechen!
Once again, the Ukrainian command destroyed its own fantasy! By this fact it confirmed the name of our battalion – "GHOST".
If we seem Chechen to them now, then who will we seem to them in Dnepropetrovsk???
Gentlemen journalists of Ukraine, I invite you to visit our base and cities under our control. If you are are really independent and speak only truth – we will give you protection, residence, and food. If you really do your work honestly and without prejudice – be our guests. Open our eyes and show Chechens among us. Refute your corruption...
I personally guarantee your security! Truth and only truth.

Commander of people's militia of Luhansk region,
Commander of the "GHOST" battalion Mozgovoi Aleksey

PS. We ship "humanitarian aid" to the right people. Aleksey is one of those on whom the DPR and the LPR stand.

Strelkov once again went over the "mosquito" Kurginyan and his pigheaded sectarians.

There are rumors here today that we today, allegedly, abandoned Karlovka and Mar'inka (Donetsk suburb). By my, so to say, order.
​Well, paraphrasing a well-known anecdote, I have this to say:
First, not today but yesterday.
Second, not Karlovka and Mar'inka, but Stepano-Krymka (settlement east of Ilovaysk)
Third, not abandoned but captured and are now fortifying.

Plus fresh photos from under Zelenopolye.

Nice hit.

From the interesting: (in Russian) – fighting near Saur-Mogila, July 12-14th (in Russian) – "Gvozdika" howitzers in the DPR army. (in Russian) – fire in the underground natural gas depot under Luhansk (video). (in Russian) – the young man who perished in Luhansk covered a carriage with a baby with his body. (in Russian) – the consequences of shelling Luhansk by the fascist junta. (in Russian) – the female battalion in Severodonetsk. (in Russian) – the former military airport "Belbek" under Sevastopol will become civilian. Hurrah! (in Russian) – nuclear Ukraine in the interests of the White House (in Russian) – the interrogation of the captured pilot of the AN-26, which was shot down yesterday over the territory of the LPR.

Original article: (in Russian)
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