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Mechanized Convoy of DPR in Yenakiyevo

In the borderlands of Don two servicemen of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation perished.

Earlier in the Tarasov district of the Rostov region during shelling of the Russian territory from the Ukrainian side two paratroopers of the Ministry of Defense of Russian perished, who served under a contract.
As learned, the bodies of the perished are already delivered to the Don area capital, into the morgue of the district military hospital of the South Military District.
No official comments were made yet. – link (in Russian)

Bodies of two Russian contract soldiers who perished in the Tarasov district were delivered into Rostov

The official sources remain silent.
On Monday, July 14th, the bodies of two Russian servicemen were delivered into Rostov into the morgue of the clinical hospital of the South military district, the source announced, who is familiar with the situation. As the source said, the young men, apparently, died from shrapnel wounds obtained as a result of shelling of the Russian territory in the Tarasov district of the Rostov region. The official authorities don't comment on this situation. There is little known about the victims: the guys were slightly older than 20, they were born in Novgorod region. – link (in Russian)

PS. In all likelihood, if the information is confirmed  (there is variant that this is disinformation, because the official sources remain silent neither confirming nor denying the information about the dead), then the "extreme degree of the last phase of the third stage of concern," and in a few days something really bad will happen with some convoy. Novertheless such a line of conduct has essential issues, that is – the growing misunderstanding of the public (death of Russian citizens due to shelling by the junta is becoming systematic), and also the image costs for those who built the hurrah-patriotic view of the authorities in March-April. Of course, these costs will also touch the authorities themselves. But this will depend on the context of the situation with the dead.

​UPD: The situation is clarified: (in Russian) – there were no dead.

For now it is announced that through Yenakiyevo into Donetsk a convoy of the DPR armor passed into Donetsk (4 tanks T-64, 1 UAZ, 1 truck, 1 APC (BTR-80), and what is the most interesting 1 SPH "Gvozdika").
The question of from where so much is purely rhetorical. Mr. Strelkov recently complained that after a break-out from Slavyansk he only has 1 tank (2 others were lost during the break – 1 exploded, the other was abandoned), so now they are compensating with overhead (somewhat earlier several "Grads" were redeployed under Donetsk).

If the video is indeed from Yenakiyevo (once again, it cannot be ruled out that it is shot in a different place, although the Novorossia flag so to say suggests), then already tomorrow the junta may expect unpleasant surprises under Donetsk.

Original article: (in Russian)
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