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Problem with "Volunteers"

In Ternopol the relatives are trying to not let the fresh cannon fodder go to the war, which is not surprising given the increasing number of coffins coming back from Donbass.

In Lvov region the discontent of the soldier relatives, which were sent into the zone of the so-called ATO, is growing. Several dozens of mothers, fathers, and wives with children rallied near the recruitment office and the military unit in Yavorov, from where the fighters are sent to the South-East.

The people's patience ran out after the fight under Zelenopolye of the Luhansk People's Republic, when about two dozen of Ukrainian soldiers died and more than a hundred were wounded. The basis of the Ukrainian detachment consists of the residents of the Lvov region from the 24-th mechanized brigade of the Yavorov district.
The relatives of soldiers demanded for those who survived the fight to be brought back home, because they think that the Ukrainian military are abandoned by their leadership without proper support. "Since Friday they sit in trenches, they are constantly being fired on, – says the wife of one of the officers Nelya Vasyuta. – After fight everything they had burned. An airplane dropped armor vests, uniforms, and water for them. And that wasn't enough for everybody. The guys sleep on the ground, they don't even have rugs".
The mothers and wives of Ukrainian soldiers are against sending their sons and husbands into the combat zone. They event sent a letter to the president-oligarch Poroshenko with a demand to stop the mobilization of the residents of the Yavorov district of the Lvov region, because according to their opinion the largest number of soldiers were taken from here.
The relatives of the punitive troops complain about the insufficient provisioning of the fighters, the lack of elementary means of defense for them, which, by their opinion, became one of the reasons of the rout of the junta squads under Zelenopolye.
This state of affairs in the rear of the participants of the so-called ATO does not increase the morale of the Ukrainian military. After the riot of the punitive troop relatives the unrest within the ranks of the punitive troops themselves may follow. – link (in Russian)

PS. I wouldn't expect a quick enlightenment of course, the brainwashing machine is still working hard, and the critical thinking has long since turned off in these people, but the tension of the meat grinder will sooner or later reach the Westerniak everymen, at least in the form of coffins and cripples with severed limbs.

Original article: (in Russian)

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