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There Are Only 400 Of Us Left Out Of Almost 800

So that you have a better understanding of the scale of the losses that the junta suffers, here is an eloquent testimony from the purely pro-junta resource as an illustration for the material about issues with the relatives of fresh cannon fodder The casualties are such that even the fascist propaganda is starting to freeze somewhat from what is happening.

A call from a participant of the ATO came in the studio of the "112 Ukraine" TV channel. His story we will pass verbatim, but the name and the personal details we won't give for the purposes of security.

There are about 400 of us left out of almost 800. Since 2:00 we are covered with "Grads". At about 14:00 there was a mortar shelling, and we can't even respond. We are suffering losses. There are dead and wounded. Today and yesterday. There is no reinforcement, no food, they brought 400 liters of water for 400 people, this is one liter per day per person. There is no order to retreat for us, we will get slaughtered like cannon fodder. We don't even know against whom we are fighting, we don't see them, they hit us exclusively with artillery. Besides, from the "zero" territory (between the border of the Russian Federation and Ukraine). This is that territory. Two unfortunate kilometers of the neutral zone. A lot of our cars were blown up, fuel trucks and ammunition loads are burning. There is no command to retreat, we are watching. The brigade commander told us to hold our ground. From a full company there is only 35 people left, one vehicle, and there should be ten vehicles and 90 people. You can imagine the losses. I want to say this, so that our leadership of the ATO would start to do at least something, so that they pulled the forces away from here. I understand that this will be a place for the militants to fortify. So that they pulled back the forces and stood with a single human chain, so that they wouldn't thrown in groups. We don't refuse to fight, but we don't want to be cannon fodder. We want to move forward with a continuous solid front line. Let at least one of them come here, sit here for at least one day. – link (in Russian)

PS. Well since they want to attack, then surely it is necessary to process these characters with increasing intensity, so that they would scram back to Lvov and Ternopol in a "continuous solid front line".

UPD: Audio (in Russian).

Original article: (in Russian)

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