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Growing Catastrophe

According to the incoming messages, the catastrophe of the junta's military is growing.

The clarified information arrived. In the Cauldron on the South direction of the front lines there are 5 detachments of the Kiev junta.
- 79-th Separate Airborne Brigade
- Territorial defense battalion "Shakhtyorsk"
- 24-th SABr
- Battalion "Azov"
And also the 72-th separate guards Kiev of the Red Banner order mechanized brigade. It was the fighter from precisely this detachment who spoke about the catastrophe of the junta's military in his interview to the channel 112.

* * *

Strelkov himself notes:
Huge convoys of the retreating Ukrian military are pulling through the dam in the vicinity of settlement Kozhevnya (South of Dmitrievka). They are trying to jump out of the "bag". Tanks, SPH, fuel trucks, transport convoys – everything mixed up. But I hope that not all of them will make it out.

* * *

Shelling and bombing of Saur-Mogila didn't deliver anything significant to the junta and already cannot deliver anything significant to it, by now they don't have sufficient forces to capture it. Lyashko already in the afternoon announced that the 72-nd mechanized brigade is being subject to rough shelling. There is not even speaking about the offensive.

* * *

During the retreat from Izvarino the special forces from Kirovograd suffered large losses – 8 killed and 20-30 wounded. The precise number of killed in the fighting for Izvarino and Krasnopartizansk is still to be determined, but I suppose that the number of junta's casualties there is in the hundreds, considering the duration and the bitterness of fighting.

* * *

The militia fighters restored the positions that they lost during the tank breakthrough of July 13th.

During the day the militia opened fire from the "Grad" vehicles against the locations of placement of the Ukrainian punitive troops near the settlement Yubileyniy and the strategic town of Alexandrovsk, after which the assault armor convoy of the militia entered the latter. Alexandrovsk is ours and is fully cleansed from the enemy military. The militia fighters are building new checkpoints and fortifications urgently.

* * *

At the same time shelling of the Luhansk airport from MLRS and tubed artillery continues. In the area of the surrounded airport its original garrison and the part of the armor group that broke in on July 13-14th are blockaded – up to 40-45 tanks, IFV, and SPH. The garrison will start suffering the lack of ammunition over the next 2-3 days, even if shelling won't be taken into account.

If the video isn't fake (this still has to be confirmed, but even if it is fake, then it should look like something of this kind), then the work of "Grads" can be seen on it – the whole battery, full packets.

In Luhansk one more SPH "Gvozdika" was noticed. Presumably it was captured from the junta during the unsuccessful breakthrough to the airport.

In Donetsk airport the militia today blew up the tower, the enemy is now left without connection.

The armor convoy, which was today noticed in Yenakiyevo – 4 tanks T-64, 3 SPH "Gvozdika", 1 APC, 1 UAZ, and 1 truck, moved through Makeevka into Donetsk. Tomorrow they will be fighting.

This is them in Makeevka.

And this is them in Donetsk:

Help won't hurt. Karlovka, despite shelling and cries of the provocateur Kurginyan is still holding on and is not thinking of surrendering.

"We in Karlovka stand firm, we have weapons, and reinforcements are constantly coming in. The right sector, the "Dnepr" and "Donbass" battalions, and the "Kaskad" detachment, which consists entirely of the Polish mercenaries, are fighting against us. At this moment effectively all civilians are evacuated, the remaining ones, there are 60 of them, remained here, because they have nowhere to go and there is no way they can go. (in Russian) – more details about the events of July 15th in the online broadcast on the "Voice of Sevastopol" .

Under the spoiler it is very 18+ – the burned tank crew members of the junta. They died in the fighting of July 13-14th during the attempt to break into the Luhansk airport.
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Looking at these images I recalled the Odessa Khatyn and that common feeling that payback will come.
As I wrote back then "They didn't burn people, they burned Ukraine".

On the territory of Kharkov and Zaporozhye regions the hasty fortification of checkpoints began in the case of the militia breaking out.
Overall, things are going better and better. A more complete review of the junta defeat in Donbass will be here by the morning.

Original article: (in Russian)
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