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Call from Encirclement

A Ukrainian soldier is complaining about the uneasy conditions of the punitive operation right from the operationally encircled military group of the junta in the area of Izvarino.

Since July 1st these characters carried out an offensive on Izvarino, trying to capture the checkpoint and to secure the border, now there is feedback. It is quite entertaining that when Slavyansk was abandoned on the 5th, few believed that such a rout will follow this retreat.

Near Izvarino, Luhansk region, close to the town of Krasnodon. (unintelligible) killed, no equipment, no fuel, no food,  no water, they cover us with Grads. From the whole battalion there's only literally a couple of us left. The tree planting in the steppe (unintelligible) under fire because we can't retreat anymore. Yesterday they hit the SPH, the self-propelled howitzer, the whole crew (unintelligible) there are wounded, moved them into the rear, although in our rear they also bombarded, 40 vehicles... From the 40 vehicles only a couple of people survived. There are no more people who could get here. All the neighboring brigades retreated. Only us are left. We are encircled. This ring still needs to be breached in order for us to be let out of here, i.e., to exit. Right now we are not even in defense. (@0:52) We are losing. As for the vehicles, there is one here and one there left... They hit it with anti-tank guided missiles, one by one, hit, hit, hit. During the night we got covered three times with the Grad system. Even stones melted from such a temperature. For the whole night we are probably not going to make it. Next (unintelligible). This night we somehow held on. This is the Grad system. It shoots from about 20 km distance. Russia moved in its military (n.b. sic). The Russian vehicles are running circles around us, new vehicles, not like ours, because ours... our vehicles are all akin to scrap-metal. They already did all of its fighting during the Soviet Union times. It is old, it breaks, it doesn't move, and there's also no fuel. So we decided to wait now, whatever happens, will happen.

PS. The picture is a masterpiece, plain and simple.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: akmetov, humor, kurginyan, lpr, luhansk people's republic, slavyansk, strelkov, surkov, war in ukraine

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