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News from Occupied Territories

Translation: Glory to the Nation

The summary of information from the sources on the occupied territory of the former Ukraine.

1. The representatives of the youth political movement "Dergachev Alternative" (their leader is Konstantin Poddubniy) together with the fighters of the "Right Sector" (RS) intend to hold popular rallies to protest against the acting Kiev authorities and its oligarchic proteges in Kharkov on July 20-23. They intend to express their dissatisfaction with their policy and to call the population of the region to civilian disobedience. Meanwhile, the local detachment of the SBU is covertly documenting the illegal activity of the RS activists with the goal of forming the evidential base for subsequent arrests of the Ukrainian nationalists.

2. In Slavyansk area of the Donetsk region of Ukraine on 07/11/2014 the National Guard shot 5 members of the "Right sector" who refused to carry out the order of eliminating the civilians that was meant as a terrorizing act for the local population.

3. The security organs of the city of Kharkov are verifying the information about the involvement of the main coordinator of the Kharkov "Euromaidan" Alexander Shevchenko with the re-distribution of the drug traffic in the Kharkov region.

4. By the U.S. initiative the Ukrainian authorities don't intend to build a constructive dialog with the representatives of the DPR and the LPR on the question of peaceful settlement of the crisis situation, which is covered by the imagined facts about the lack of the formed group of the so-called negotiators in these republics.

5. On July 16th the Ukrainian information agency "Ukrinform" spread the false information about the attempt on the life of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, which allegedly occurred in the zone of the ATO. In the Ukraine MIA also said that the confirmed information will be presented today during a briefing, but later it became known that the event was postponed indefinitely. The announcement of the event on the website of the ministry was deleted.

6. The forces of the National Guard of Ukraine, within which the activists of the "Right Sector" dominate, on the territory of the Luhansk region are deployed in the settlements of Starobelsky, Svatovsky, Beloukrainsky, and Troizky districts. In the settlement of Polovinkino of the Starobelsky district the National Guard detachments are located on the elevator and in the children camp "Dzerzhinets" (the departmental camp of the MIA of Ukraine). Regular conflicts occur with the use of firearms occur between separate detachments of the National Guard and the "Right Sector". Furthermore, robberies of the local population are regularly carried out by them too.

Original article: (in Russian)
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