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Disintegration of South Cauldron

According to the information from the source who just got back from the LPR territory.

1. The overall headcount of the surrounded junta group is about 5 thousand, out of which about 2-2.5 thousand are combat capable.
2. A number of detachments are completely uncontrollable by now and are simply scattering, the detachments who are trying to break through Marinovka have the highest combat readiness (primarily the paratroopers from the 79-th brigade). A general deserted in one of the units (the number of the brigade isn't provided – it appears like this is the 24-th mechanized brigade), the unit is completely uncontrollable, the communication links are disrupted.
3. Today, dozens of the junta soldiers are dropping their weapons and run through the border with the Russian Federation, the today's 20 who were driving to Gukovo were precisely driving for the wounded junta soldiers. The overall number of the defected by the evening has tentatively exceeded 100 people. The wounded are sent to hospitals and infirmaries, the healthy are dealt with by the competent authorities.
4. Overall, the enemy group is starting to show tendencies of decay, not everybody will be able to get out, the losses will be significant, according to the messages from the witnesses, a genuine clusterfuck is ongoing...

The tentative time of the cauldron existence is 3-5 days – everything that won't be able to exit through the bottleneck near Saur-Mogila will be lost for the junta. Significant militia forces, who are currently bound by the blockade of the surrounded group, will reinforce other directions and by the end of the month the attacks will follow on other directions.

Overall, it can be stated that the defeat is increasingly turning into a catastrophe. We will discuss its consequences in a separate material – the consequences will have a much bigger impact than some of us may think on the face of it.

The abandoned positions of the Naziguard in the area of village Provalye, between Sverdlovsk and Krasniy Partizan, on the direction towards Izvarino.

The destroyed D-30 under Izvarino

This photo may have been shot somewhat earlier.

Original article: (in Russian)

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