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Hail in Gukovo

There is a temper tantrum on the junta resources, saying how can it be – under Gukovo already without any politesse the Ukrainian positions are being processed with "Grads" from the Russian territory.

This claim is somewhat strange, considering the systematic shelling of the territory of the Russian Federation and the perished citizens of the Russian Federation (1 civilian and 2 paratroopers), just like in the classical Ukrainian anecdote "And what did we do?".

Of course, nobody will announce this officially (neither in this case nor in the preceding ones nor in the subsequent ones) and nobody will admit this, just like nobody admitted the presence of the 91-st brigade of the GRU in Crimea up until a certain moment. The junta may yell whatever it wants, but this will be answered with "the country club is shooting", militia checked out right next to the "military surplus store", and if it will be absolutely necessary, then they will altogether play dumb and say that it was the junta who moved its "Grads" on the Russian territory in order to shoot at its own positions.
So a lot of enthralling stories can be told here, while the militia fighters are taking apart the South cauldron.

And in general the story itself is remarkable not only by the temper tantrums of the Bander-logs (N.B. the synthetic word "Bander-log" is an attempt to translate the Russian word "бандерлог", the meaning of which combines Kipling's Bandar-logs and Stepan Bandera followers, into English) and also by a somewhat weird position, in which the defeatists "PutingaveupeverythingNovorossiawheretorun", and also the various panic-patriots from the series "lettherebenowarletukrainianskilleachotherandihavetopayuptheloan" ended up.

To the question of who shot and where only one answer can be given – you are grown ups, you should be able to figure it out by yourself, where and for what the "unknown" rockets of 122 mm caliber are flying altogether impolitely.
And if we want to follow the classics to the end, then we can recall Franklin Delano Roosevelt and boldly answer all such claims of the "Grad" rockets with "They came from our secret base at Shangri-La".

Original article: (in Russian)

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