cassad_eng (cassad_eng) wrote,

Capture of Marinovka

The materials are coming in from the Marinovka, which was captured today by the militia fighters, this effectively closes the lid on the South cauldron. The videos with trophies and corpses of the junta soldiers are provided.

Prisoners in Marinovka.

The killed junta soldier in Marinovka.

Armor and infantry of the militia in Marinovka.

Trophy APC.

Trophy German IR imager.

The junta APC that was destroyed during street fighting.

The Life-News report about the capture of Marinovka.

It is also worth noting that during the attempts to carry out airstrikes in the encirclement area the junta lost 2 Su-25 assault jets yesterday.

Original article: (in Russian)
Tags: donetsk people's republic, dpr, strelkov, war in ukraine

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