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Fighting in Donbass – Evening of 07/16

07/16 18:00 MSK Saur Mogila. The AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) soldiers dressed in civilian clothing, those who don't have it are in underwear and rush toward the Russian border.

Heavy fighting continues on the territory of the DPR and the LPR, the enemy is desperately trying to get out of the quite difficult situation in which it ended up over the last days.
Strelkov announces:
Heavy fighting continues under Marinovka.
Airstrikes were carried out against the village from high altitude. The enemy is concentrating artillery and tanks from the South and from the West against our group. The fighting also continues in the area south of Dmitrievka, where in Kozhevnya the enemy concentrated an artillery group. We lost 1 APC (destroyed with a shot from ATGM), the enemy lost 1 APC and 1 IFV destroyed, 1 IFV (BMP-2) was captured intact.

* * *

UPD: 15:50 (MSK) Artillery shelling of the bus terminal of the settlement Metallist is ongoing, the intensity is average, black smoke is rising. Artillery strikes against Teplichnoye are also carried out.
UPD 1: 16:35 (MSK) Shelling of Luhansk outskirts continue.
UPD 2: A Sukhoi jet was shot down over Gorlovka, it was leaving towards Mirgorod with a dense black smoke, it is not likely that it is going to make it.
UPD 3: 17:40 (MSK) A massive artillery strike against Luhansk continues, explosions can be heard in the downtown. Fighting continues in the area of Saur-Mogila, the accelerated retreat of the Ukopian detachments fro the line Seversk–Lisichansk–Saur Mogila continues.
UPD 4: 18:05 (MSK) Luhansk, in the vicinity of Mirnaya street a man was killed by shrapnel.
UPD 5: 18:35 (MSK) Artillery shelling of the living blocks in Luhansk continues.
UPD 6: In the area of Amvroskieyvka there is a congregation of assorted Ukropian detachments continues – the result of the morning liberation of Marinovka. In the process of the rapid retreat towards Mariupol "on march" (in quotes – because it is hard to call the flight a march) the faulty equipment is abandoned, evacuation of the non-combat personnel is very difficult.
There is information that separate junta detachments in their attempt to break out of the Saur cauldron run, dropping camouflage and personal weapons, almost in underwear. Whoever has civilian clothing – puts it on in hopes of getting lost between civilians. The confirmation came in about the second Sukhoi jet. The situation remains tense in Luhansk, but an enemy spotter was detected.
UPD 7: 20:00 (MSK) The information came about shooting down the transport plane over Luhansk (AN-26). Itensive firefight broke out in Luhansk airport, the work of KPVT and explosions can be heard. In the area of the square that is next to the railway station there is dense black smoke.
UPD 8: 20:35 (MSK) According to the unconfirmed information the area of Nizhny Kombrod was shelled with MLRS. Fierce fighting is ongoing in the area of Schastye, several jets are flying toward Starobelsk.

"Over Gorlovka they worked the Sukhoi jet, it retreated toward Mirgorod with a dense black trail. It is unlikely that it will make it to the airport with such damage."
"Near "Marinovka" checkpoint on the former Russian–Ukrainian border there is fighting between the punitive troops and our assault group.
The checkpoint, which is controlled by the AFU, was attacked with 10 tanks, 5 APCs, and 2 hundred militia fighters. From the Ukrian side 2 soldiers perished during the first few minutes of combat."

* * *

"The enemy continued to retreat from Provalye and Marinovka (LPR), suffering big losses, towards Biryukovo, where it was ambushed by the LPR militia fighters.
During the first half of the day the enemy was growing the group on the approaches to Schastye. The MLRS "Grad" were pulled there. Currently the ukro-military are retreating into Novoaidar."

* * *

​16 Ukrainian military crossed the Russian border.

1. Lagus S.A., born in 1984.

2. Mogilevets S.A., born in 1984.

3. Valchenko A.I., born in 1982.

4. Kovtun Y.A., born in 1968.

5. Pevrashov E.A., born in 1993.

6. Satsik I.Y. born in 1985 (on the photo)

7. Rusu V.A., born in 1979.

8. Gorkovenko V.A., born in 1985.

9. Sherbak A.Y, born in 1989.

10. Grobyl A.A., born in 1989.

According to the LifeNews source, three Ukrainian border guards are in intensive care, all of them have wounds of varying severity. The nature of wounds varies: mines, land mines shrapnel wounds, fractures, and burns. Earlier on July 16th the information that at least 10 Ukrainian army border guards were wounded and referred to their Russian colleagues for help was confirmed by the president of the press-service of the administration of the Border Guard Service of Russian FSB for the Rostov region  Vasily Malayev.
Prior to this, two heavily wounded Ukrainian service members were delivered into the hospital of the Kuibyshev district of Rostov region. The Russian doctors who arrived at the checkpoint announced that it was necessary to place them in a hospital. The source in the militia told LifeNews that there is fighting on the territory of Ukraine in 10 kilometers from the Russian village of Gukovo. – link (in Russian)

* * *

The Ukrainian security personnel carried out an artillery strike on Luhansk today. As the eyewitnesses report from the scene, presumably, the shells fell on the homes in Kamennobrod and Artemovsk districts of the city, and also in the area of the bus station. Ambulance signals can be heard. There is no information about the victims yet.
Earlier on Wednesday the sabotage group of the security forces carried out mortar shelling of the territory, which is presumably occupied by the "Zarya" battalion (militia forces of the Luhansk people's republic), the mortar shells fell on the territory of the trolley depot.

PS. Overall, the nature of the current fighting is such that significant losses are unavoidable for the junta in any case and the question is only to which degree those brigades that were surrounded on the territory of the LPR will end up combat capable.

Original article: (in Russian)

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