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So that ground would burn for 5 meters or so

"So that ground would burn for 5 meters or so". The battalion Shakhtyorsk proposes to demolish Snezhnoye.
The leadership of the battalion considers that it is better to lose Snezhnoye as a city rather than to lose soldiers.
The deputy commander of the Shakhtyorsk battalion, Ruslan Onishenko announced that lifes of his wards are more valuable for him than a loss of a city in Donbass. This much he said in his interview to the Obozrevatel magazine.
In particular, to answer the question of the journalist about the situation in the city of Snezhnoye, Donetsk region, Onishenko announced that the "militia" pull a lot of forces there and also study the locality. According to his words, the separatists can hold their ground well.
"We think that it is better to lose Snezhnoye as a city rather than to lose our soldiers. We need to process the city with aviation, artillery so that it is demolished, so that the ground would burn for 5 meters or so", – said Onishenko. – link (in Russian)

PS. The cannibalistic temper tantrum of this punitive troop is understandable. Snezhnoye is effectively a part of the lid that covers the unobstructed retreat out of the cauldron for the encircled southern group of the junta. Meanwhile, the punitive troops very quickly forgot their legend about "counter-terrorism" and propose to murder citizens of the former Ukraine on a massive scale. Besides, the junta was lying that it wasn't it after the barbaric bombardment of Snezhnoye.
In this respect the question of whether the punitives from the "Shakhtyorsk" battalion (which is partially constituted by the criminals) should be captured alive hangs in the air.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: fascism, war in ukraine

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