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Statement of junta losses for July 9–15

Essence: 1600 dead and 4723 wounded for the period of July 9-15. The text says that there is no connection with the detachments that were present in the airport.
Lost tanks: 35
Lost armored vehicles (IFV, APC): 96
Lost artillery: 38
Lost planes: 7
Lost helicopters: 2
Lost automobiles: 104

Militant losses:
Killed: 48
Wounded: 64
Tanks: 2
artillery: 5
automobiles: 8

killed: 496
wounded: 762

In principle, the numbers quite match the events that occurred during that period in Donbass.
I can also suppose that a part of the equipment listed wasn't destroyed, but either broke or was captured by the militia fighters.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: avakov, losses, statistics, war in ukraine

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