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What happened in Donbass last night

The map shows the locations of shell impacts in Luhansk and its suburbs.

About the nightly fighting in Donbass.

For LPR:

During the night the informational injections from the side of the fascist junta could be observed, as if the airport was unblocked and there is ongoing fighting in the city itself and even that some blocks were captured.

Now I called our source in Luhansk.

1. The city remains under full militia control.
2. During the night in the suburbs there were clashes with the reconnaissance and sabotage groups of the enemy, and spotters were being caught in the city itself.
3. Shelling from tubed and rocket artillery against Luhansk started during the day and more or less died down only late in the night, hundreds of shells and rockets fell on the city. The overall number of dead and wounded may reach up to 400-420 people. (the documented instances of shell impacts in the city are noted on the map above).
4. Several powerful airstrikes were carried out against Luhansk closer to the night.
5. The Luhansk airport still remains blockaded.

Overall, the yesterday's actions by the junta had more of a terrorist rather than a military nature – the attempts to proceed from the North fizzled in the militia defense.
The fighting near airport failed to solve their main problem – the airport remains in a blockade, shelling continues from the militia side.

The attack itself was directed at improving the situation of the 72-th and the 24-th brigade that are located in the cauldron, the militia lack forces to finish them off. (in Russian) – about the junta war crimes in the Luhansk area – a lot of 18+ photo and video, and also the materials about the rout of junta forces under Krasnodon.

For the DPR the summary was given by Strelkov:

It got a bit easier for us today... In Marinovka there are three dead (out of them two are from a penal battalion, who walked on the Ukrainian minefield out of imprudence) and one wounded.
No losses in other locations.
The reconnaissance and sabotage group of the 1-st battalion attacked the enemy checkpoint in the area of settlement Ostroye (East of Kurakhovo). 1 enemy APC was destroyed. The airport was shelled with mortars – a very powerful detonation occurred there. It is not known, however, whether it was caused by the shelling or the Ukrs, preparing to abandon the airport, blew up the remaining ammunition by themselves.
The city outskirts (village Peski, Andreyevka) were shelled with tanks and "Grad". Enemy tank outposts (4 tanks in each) captured villages Tonenkoye and Severnyi (North-West of the airport). Both villages were subject to enemy shelling from MLRS prior to that. There are civilian victims.

Also shelling continued in Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, as well as heavy fighting in the area of Popasnaya, where the junta is trying to cut off the protrusion held by the squad of Mozgovoi.
This is an obvious turn of events. – online-broadcast on the "Voice of Sevastopol" for 07/19

Original article: (in Russian)

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