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Situation in Donbass – Evening of 07/19

Briefly on the situation in Donbass by the evening of 07/19/2014.

Luhansk, border, cauldron

1. Despite various disinformation about taking a part of the city, which the junta broadcasted for the whole day (and which was picked up by a part of Russian media as well), the city is firmly kept by the militia. By the afternoon even in some pro-junta media the messages started to show up that Geletey is boldly lying, mistaking the wish for the reality.
2. The city itself is still being shelled, even though the intensity of shelling is lower than yesterday. In the city itself the enemy reconnaissance and sabotage group operates, for which a reward of 15 000 dollars is already announced. Often it is precisely the firefights with the enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups, spotters, and enemy agents are assumed to be the assault on the city, which generates the unnecessary panic.
3. Despite heavy fighting and serious losses in the Luhansk area (the militia announce high enemy losses in infantry and armor, but there is little specifics yet), the junta failed to unblock the airport, even though the Ukrainian media "liberated" it once again.
4. The 72-nd and the 24-th junta brigades still sit in the encirclement – the militia have no forces to finish them off, the junta lacks forces to unblock them. In order to liquidate the group the militia needs more tubed and rocket raillery and also a free armor group.
5. The road to Luhansk is controlled by the militia, so the somewhat decreased flow of aid from the Russian Federation still makes it through. The renewed fighting near Krasnopartizansk suggest that the junta doesn't drop the hopes of narrowing the window on the border.
6. Heavy fighting continues North-West of Alexandrovka, which the junta captured on July 13th and abandoned on the 15th. From the junta side there appears to be little sense in this fighting. Perhaps a portion of forces from Alexandrovka will be pulled to the Lisichansk protrusion or to the protrusion near Lutugino in order to improve on the success.

Overall, the fighting here has a positional nature, due to the wide use by the LPR militia of the artillery and MLRS, which complicates maneuvers for the junta's forces.


1. During the day and the night the enemy systematically shells positions of the Mozgovoi squad. From the side of Artyomovsk and from the North of Luhansk regions persistent attempts to cut off the Lisichansk protrusion continue.
2. The key significance here has the settlement Popasnaya, which does not allow the junta forces to link up. Popasnaya is essentially destroyed, artillery strikes are carried out constantly, but the militia defense is holding up.
3. A portion of the forces that were withdrawn through Schastye, after the fruitless attempts of storming Luhansk was through on Lutugino and here the junta managed to cut off an important highway that connects Luhansk and Donetsk. The militia simply have fewer men and equipment and after poking at the dense defense under Luhansk the junta is looking for weak locations on the front lines, where it tries to take advantage of its numerical superiority.
The militia, not having the proper forces for parrying all tank breakthroughs, attempts to use the artillery and the actions of the reconnaissance and sabotage groups, but this cannot stop the enemy but only slows down its advancement.


1. The junta continues to accumulate forces for unblocking the surrounded group, Marinovka remains in the militia hands and the junta is only capable of pulling people from the cauldron during the night, when the militia cannot provide sufficient fire precision. The growth of the unblocking group implies that in 1-2 days an attack on Marinovka will follow here.
2. West of Gorlovka and Donetsk the militia fighters performed a successful reconnaissance in force, destroying a number of enemy checkpoints and inflicting significant losses in personnel and equipment on it.
3. Meanwhile, the junta forces continue their attempts to wrap Donetsk and reach its communications, which Strelkov announced in his typical manner.
4. The attempts to unblock the Donetsk airport also weren't successful, but the junta managed to get closer to it and without a doubt will try to break towards it in the next few days.

Overall, the situation remains stably difficult. The enemy, using its advantage in the number of infantry and armor, and also the strike capabilities of the massive application of artillery and aviation, attempts, besides the not very effective frontal strikes, feel out the gaps in the defenses of the DPR and the LPR, where the mechanized detachment are directed, which find the space for advancing without encountering massive anti-tank defense. The main plain is in cutting the communications of the DPR and the LPR, since the plan with closing the border failed. The main goal here is Donetsk, because Luhansk given the preservation of shipments from Russia is not likely to be captured altogether.
Auxiliary goals – cutting of the group of Mozgovoi and cutting off the Lisichansk protrusion, unblocking the Donetsk and the Luhansk airport, and also pulling the 24-th and the 72-nd brigades out of encirclement, which are currently in lamentable state. The enemy is persistently trying to recapture the initiative, which it lost after the defeat of July 13-15th under Luhansk and Izvarino.

The situation with the "Boeing" obviously allowed the junta to regroup and to create the necessary information and political front for continuing the offensive. The militia will have to carry out heavy defensive fighting over the next 2-3 days on a number of directions, meanwhile further attempts to deal with the cauldron and the surrounded airport will be made.

Original article: (in Russian)

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