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On situation in Luhansk airport

An eloquent confession of the junta media about the real situation in the Luhansk airport, which after the beginning of the junta offensive on July 1st was "liberated" already 3 or 4 times.

On situation in Luhansk airport
In Luhans airport the military remain blockaded, there are 4 dead and more than 15 wounded. About this the UNIAN correspondent was informed by the sources, who are located directly in the military unit inside the Luhansk airport that is blockaded by the terrorists. "We remain in a blockade. We aren't going to make it by ourselves, need help. Our aviation isn't working, our artillery also works badly. We are regularly shelled by the artillery, a lot of our equipment is damaged... If we try to drive to reconnaissance 2 or 3 times more, then there will be nobody left to save here," – say the UNIAN sources.
The military told us that yesterday, July 19th, they tried to break out of the terrorist encirclement but were ambushed and suffered losses. They explained: "Yesterday we had a fight, we drove to meet a convoy (Ukrainian military of the National Guard – UNIAN), but were ambushed, artillery crushed us. We suffered losses – one was killed, seven were wounded. We returned. Traffic isn't restored, nobody can come in and we can't come out". According to the words of the military, currently on the territory of the Luhansk airport that they defend there are four dead and 15 wounded, whom require urgent aid, including surgical.
"Here we have four dead. But this number may increase, because we have more than 15 wounded, including heavy wounded, and there are few medicines. Our medics provide the first aid, process wounds, make ligations, but they have no equipment, and many wounded require operations. Also the antibiotics are running out." – said the sources. They also noted that there is still food, but there is an acute problem with the drinking water. "We still have food, but it is running out. A half of what we brought with us burned. What is left – we stretch. Water is also problematic. There is technical water, but drinking – bad. At our own risk we crawl out, fill up, and return," – said the military. And repeated: "We need help, or there won't be anybody left to save here". – link (in Russian)

So despite the triumphant announcements, the junta failed to achieve success in unblocking the airport, despite straining all of its forces. According to the current fighting, the junta cannot turn its breakout towards the Donetsk-Luhansk highway into an operational one, fighting continues here.

Plus the downed Sukhoi jet over Antratsit.

Original article: (in Russian)

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