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Situation on the DPR front lines by evening 07/20

Summaries from the front lines by the evening of July 20th.

Strelkov announces:

Heavy fighting is ongoing in the area of Lisichansk and Popasnaya. Mozgovoi is holding on for now. On the Sev. Donets the detachment of "Lom" (reports to Mozgovoi, within the DPR militia) drowned 2 pontoons with fire during the enemy attempt to establish a river crossing. The enemy movement to Popasnaya became significant. The Kozitsyn cossacks, who were "strengthening" the garrison expectedly deserted – only the local militia fighters and the forces of our brigade supplied to them remained. I reinforced them with "slavyans" and anti-tank weapons. We'll keep the town.
Over here, fighting continues under Marinovka. By a rafale against the enemy fortified area between the village and the border we incurred losses on the Ukrs, but they continue to hold a segment of about 2km wide. During the night we struck the enemy convoy near Grigoryevka. In response the enemy shelled Dimitrovka and Marinovka with "grads".
In the area North of the Donetsk airport (near the settlement Orlovka) the "maneuvers" by the Ukrainian armor continued (about 30 vehicles), which move back and forth. Probably – in a vain attempt to "lure" our forces out of Avdeyevka. The airport remains blockaded for now. Overall, we fight. The situation is difficult, but the Ukrs are too early to triumph yet.

The source – the form on which Strelkov writes (for obvious reasons I don't give a link here).

Russian spring informs about heavy fighting near Rubezhnoye, which the junta supposedly captured today.

About fighting in the area of Rubezhnoye

Today, during the second half of the day, the Ukrainian media announced that the punitive squads entered the city of Rubezhnoye: "The first convoy entered from the side of settlement Staraya Krasnyanka, the second from the settlement Varvarovka. The convoys didn't encounter militia resistance and passing Rubezhnoye proceeded towards the village Voyevodovka. There the service members of the armed forces of Ukraine are currently building a checkpoint. The main goal of the offensive of the Ukrainian military – Severodonetsk, which together with the cities of Rubezhnoye and Lisichansk forms an agglomeration with a population of 300000 people. Fierce fighting went on over the last days in the area of Rubezhnoye-Severodonetsk. Yesterday the Ukrainian military completely surrounded the Severodonetsk group of separatists, which is commanded by the closest aide of Strelkov – Alexei Mozgovoi".
Actually, the situation is much worse for the Ukrainian military, currently they are surrounded in the area of Voyevodovka and the militia is shooting at them.
Our supporters from the scene of events inform:

Nobody was defending Rubezhnoye, the Ukrainians didn't touch it. Now the armor passed the city, but they went somewhere further, apparently they don't know the city.
From the side of the village Kudryashovka there were volleys on Severodonetsk and from the village Varvarovka towards Rubezhnoye.
A part of the vehicles with Ukrs that stood on Krasnyanka drove to village Voyevodovka and started to dig in. The locals tried to find out why they dig in here, because an residential home lies in 50m.
The military started shooting in the air and chased the locals away.
On the Krasnyansky checkpoint of the Ukrainian army there is currently smoke, sometimes black, sometimes white...
Currently the militia is shooting at the detachments that started to dig in on Voyevodovka, there is black smoke...
They are trying to split the "Ghost" battalion of Mozgovoi by moving the armor towards Rubezhnoye. The armor that broke in and is currently in the area of Voyevodovka will be encircled.
A convoy of Ukrainian vehicles moved to Borovskoye from the side of Muratovo through the ferry, later through the village of Bobrovo from Muratovo a tank convoy passed and now approaches the village Borovskoye, in order to proceed to Severodonetsk, but they may also dig in near Borovskoye. In Borovskoye people sit in cellars.
Announcement from the militia fighter Prokhorov.
"Fighting continues in Popasnaya.
Currently the Ukrs attack Lisichansk and Severodonetsk with tanks. The information about capturing Rubezhnoye spready by the Ukrs is fake. It was announced – in Luhansk a Sukhoi jet was shot down, which bombed the militia positions and living blocks. Fighting is ongoing in Borovskoye and Voyevodovka. – link (in Russian)

Fighting on the LPR territory

During the night between Saturday and Sunday the Ukrainian army attempted to cut Luhansk off the essential communication, the electricity stopped flowing presumably from the Schastye thermal power plant. As a result, the city was deprived not only of light and water, but also of mobile connection, which could be restored only after noon.
In the morning, presumably from the Kamennobrod district of the city and also from their positions in the settlement of Metallist and the city of Schastye, the aggressor military struck at the downtown from mortars and howitzers, damaging several tens of residential and administrative buildings, in particular effectively on the Shevchenko St., buildings on the streets of Artyoma, Festivalnaya, Lomonosov, Prodolnaya, Zoi Kosmodemyanskoy, Kuybysheva, in the blocks of Sherbakov and Stepnoy.
On the approaches to the city the most heavy and protracted fighting started in the outskirts of the suburb settlement Georgiyevka.
Also the Ukrainian army continued artillery shelling and offensive on the cities Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, and Rubezhnoye, trying to block the republic from the North.
In the effectively destroyed city of Popasnoye, heavy fighting continues, where, despite the losses and the lack of ammunition and heavy weapons, the LPR detachments continue to repel the attacks of the enemy who is many times more superior in equipment and personnel.
During the day the Ukrainian army from the side of Verkhneye Teploye again shelled the bridge across Seversky Donetsk and the checkpoint next to it with howitzers.
Under Sverdlovsk in the area of Khmelnitsky and Zelenopolye movement and regrouping of the enemy can be observed. Minor combat clashes unfolded in the vicinity of Chervonopartizansk.
In the outskirts of Sukhodolsk the enemy performed an airstrike against the countryside, hitting a combine, one person was wounded. – link (in Russian)

Lisichansk militia.

Strela-10 complexes appeared on the DPR territory.

The prime minister of the DPR Alexander Borodai announced that the air defense of the militia received the SAM complexes "Strela-10M".
"The air defense of the militia from today has complexes "Strela-10M" – said Borodai on the press-conference, dedicated to the situation, that unfolded after the fall of the Malaysian Boeing 777 on the DPR territory. According to the words of the head of the DPR government, he made this announcement so that nobody would be able to blame the militia fighters in covering up the data on their SAM complexes. Borodai noted that the maximum altitude of these complexes is 5000 meters.
"Even if we have these complexes a few days ago, we wouldn't be able to hit plane flying at that altitude with them", – said the prime minister of the DPR, commenting on the combat qualities of the new complex and the possible accusations of using it in order to destroy the passenger airliner.
"These are trophy complexes, they are currently brought by our gunsmiths to readiness and are quire combat ready", – noted Borodai. – link

Overall, the junta expectedly directed its major forces at the attempts of cutting the Lisichansk protrusion and of surrounding the Mozgovoi group. Despite the losses and the difficult operational situation, the people of Mozgovoi heroically hold their positions and junta for now cannot take advantage of its superiority in manpower and equipment. – online-broadcast on the "Voice of Sevastopol" for 07/20 (in Russian)

Original article: (in Russian)

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