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Sevastopol Residents Defending LPR

We haven't had a video with Crimeans fighting in Donbass for a long time, and now there was a video placed in comments, where a group of our Sevastopol militia fighters evades shelling in a car.

English transcript:
– Go, Go Tolik
– Fuck your mother (@0:03)
– Go, Fuck, Great!
– Bitches! (@0:09)
– Foooo
– Is everybody alive?
– Alive.
– They are shelling us. (@0:17)
– Bitches, huh.
– This is where the power plant is (@0:29).
– They want to capture it to leave the city without light. They want to turn off water, light, and so on. All communications. But Tolik isn't going to let them do this. Yes Tolik? (@0:43)
– No way, no.
– No way. Sevastopol is here specifically for this.

Good luck to the dudes. There are quite a few of them there now.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: lpr, luhansk people's republic, sevastopol, war in ukraine

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