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Aggravation of Situation near Debaltsevo

Strelkov on the famous form, which cannot be linked to, announces:

The enemy broke into Debaltsevo with 15 tanks. There is ongoing fighting with the National Guard right in Dzerzhinsk. The Ukr offensive continues on all fronts, including under Luhansk.

The time is coming when Russia has to, eventually, make a final decision: will it support the Russians in Donbass for real or will it "dump" them finally and irrevocably. The time for everything else is already lost. Three months of inaction allowed the enemy to build up forces and to create a combat capable army. At least, sufficiently capable for destroying numerically small semi-unarmed militia squads with tanks and artillery.

PS. If the possible loss of Dzerzhinsk isn't yet critical for the defense of Gorlovka and Donetsk, then the loss of Debaltsevo may have critical consequences for the strategical situation in Donbass, because one of the crucial highway intersections is located in Debaltsevo, through which the main supply channel from Luhansk passes into Donetsk. And the main danger here is not even that the cargo through the road through Antratsit and Torez will go longer, but in that by capturing Debaltsevo the junta will be able to develop an offensive deep into the DPR using the mobility of its armored detachments, the main strike force of which appears on open terrain, where the militia have little to match them with. This is a more reasonable use of armor than the attempts to hammer at the defensive positions in the city with them. The junta continues to stand firm on the line of bypassing the hubs of the resistance and cutting communications, which suggests in the headquarters they got to the task professionally.
By using its advantage in forces, the junta simply determines weak locations of the "front lines" of the militia (on some locations there are simply curtains) and hits with tanks and motorized infantry into places where rapid success is possible instead of storming fortified cities.

As for the perspectives, as it was already mentioned somewhat earlier, the choice eventually will narrow down to a dichotomy – capitulation or war.

PS. I would like to clarify separately – fighting near Debaltsevo and capturing Debaltsevo are different things.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: donetsk people's republic, dpr, strelkov

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