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Problems of Provocateurs

Apparently, the responsibility for the "Boeing" won't be transferred to the Russian Federation and the militia, the provocation was too crude.
On the briefing of the ministry of defense of the Russian Federation the mechanism of the provocation was clearly laid out, confirming the original version that the reason for the fall of the liner effectively for sure was an attack with "air-air" missiles.

Director of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Tony Tyler announced that only Kiev bears responsibility for keeping its airspace open to flights like the doomed MH17.

“Airlines depend on governments and air traffic control authorities to advise which air space is available for flight, and they plan within those limits,” – cites Tyler's words the Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald. “It is very similar to driving a car. If the road is open, you assume that it is safe. If it’s closed you find an alternate route.” The Malaysian Transport Minister, Liow Tiong Lai, said on Saturday that the pilot had requested to fly at 35,000 feet over Ukraine’s airspace but was told by air traffic control to fly at 33,000 feet.
It is unclear, however, whether flying at a slightly higher altitude would have made any difference in this case as the BUK missile system that allegedly shot down MH17 can hit targets with an altitude of up to 75,000 feet.

Owen Zupp, the author of The Pilots Blog, said Malaysia Airlines and others had been within their rights to fly over eastern Ukraine given it had been deemed safe to fly by IATA and the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

“However, some of the factors to be considered were undoubtedly the restricted airspace below the route and the reason for that restriction and the warnings that had been issued regarding operations in the region,” he said.

“These warnings had prompted other airlines to avoid the Ukraine airspace. There is also the apparent shooting down of other aircraft in the area and the feasibility of flying alternate routes.”

Mr Zupp said there were undoubtedly real threats to consider prior to the loss of MH17.

“That flight through the area may have been legal, but one must wonder whether it was prudent?”

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In the nearest time the provocateurs will have to cut off the unfortunate provocation, because the consequences threaten to touch the Kiev junta.

Original article: (in Russian)

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