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Totalitarian Consciousness of "Free Europeans"

During a session of the Verkhovnaya Rada, the representative from "Svoboda" Aleksey Kaida demanded to expel the head of the CPU (i.e., the Communist Party of Ukraine) faction Pyotr Simonenko. According to Mr. Kaida's words, Simonenko in his interview to the Russian media announced that the Ukrainian authorities "killed many thousands of Ukrainians, and the dead in the ATO zone are sliced to take their organs".

The speaker of the Verkhovnaya Rada Alexander Turchinov did not put this question up for a vote, explaining that in the standing order there is a certain collision regarding the amount of votes that are necessary to expel representatives from the hall. After this the infuriated "svobodovians" pushed Simonenko out of the hall.

All of this occurred on the background of the speech by Rudkovsky, who was announcing from the podium that effectively all social guarantees are being prepared for cancellation.

A typical understanding of democracy by the fascists.

Here is a couple of characteristic examples.

A vivid example of absolute totalitarian consciousness and absolute intolerance of dissent among the "free europeans".

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: cpu, democracy, fascism, freedom of speech, junta, simonenko, verkhovnaya rada

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