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Strelkov on fighting of July 22-23 and retreat from Lisichansk

Mr. Strelkov released an extended summary of the fighting during July 22-23 and explained the necessity of abandoning Lisichansk.

Strelkov's summary:

Currently, fighting continues under Marinovka and Dubrovka. Our artillery performs strikes against the positions and the accumulations of manpower and equipment. There are numerous fires in the area of the "Marinovka" terminal near the settlement Tarany and near Grigoryevka – automotive transport and armor of the Ukrs are burning. Enemy artillery fire is virtually suppressed.

Over yesterday and today our losses under Marinovka - Kozhevnya - Dubrovka amounted to about 50 people (mostly – wounded), 2 tanks, 2 IFV, 1 APC. The "Oplot" commander and thedeputy minister of internal affairs A. Zakharchenko, who personally led an attack on Kozhevnya, received a wound of the arm yesterday. (today he was recognized by awarding the military title of "major").
The enemy losses are several times greater than our losses. The enemy losses in manpower are especially high. Heavy losses were inflicted on the newly-arrived "Azov" battalion of the Naziguard. The enemy is highly demoralized, but still continues to hang on to the "corridor", even though it narrowed down to 1 kilometer in certain places and cannot be used for supplying anymore due to the destruction of the crossing through Mius.

Between the settlements of Konstantinovka and Novomikhailovka (South-West of the settlement Mar'inka on the Western outskirts of Donetsk) the reconnaissance and sabotage group "Bird" from the composition of the 2nd Slavyansk infantry battalion blew up 2 KAMAZ trucks with enemy infantry using controlled land mines. Yesterday the same group completely destroyed the "Grad" vehicle that was approaching its firing position for shelling the city.

In the area of Ilovaysk the enemy managed to successfully attack our forces with its own reconnaissance and sabotage group. Due to the carelessness of certain commanders, 3 newbie fighters were killed and 2 more were wounded. But the subsequent attack was repelled with losses for the enemy. Tentatively, an APC raid on our position costed the enemy 7 dead and about the same number of wounded .

Fighting continues for the settlement Blagodatnoye (North of Amvrosiyevka). The enemy again attacked the village with the support of 4 tanks and 4 APCs. During the battle our maneuver groups from the constitution of the 4-th company of the 3rd Semenovsky infantry battalion hit 1 APC. The experienced company commander ("Kozyr") used the prescribed tactic when our infantry avoids defending checkpoints and stationary fortifications during the attack of  knowingly superior armor forces of the enemy and imposes maneuver combat on the enemy directly in the urban area of in thick foliage, paying special attention to eliminating the enemy personnel. Often the enemy reacts at this tactical trick very nervously and retreats. The night will reveal what will happen next.

Neither in Gorlovka nor in Debaltsevo, despite the attacks the enemy couldn't advance today. Due to the timely retreat from Lisichansk of the main forces of Mozgovoi the enemy couldn't capture the Pervomaisk-Stakhanov-Alchevsk agglomeration right away, where only a very modest forces was based prior to that. Now the National guard will be forced to carry out heavy fighting for this territory. Mozgovoi achieved the most important – by his maneuver he covered the location of the front line that was "naked" before that. Also, I can take the full responsibility and announce: the order of retreating from Lisichansk he received from me personally and executed it, despite all expressed objections.
On the other side, I would like to recognize the courage and the dedication of the commander "Leshiy" and his fighters who defend Lisichansk for almost two days with only a very modest force, winning the time for organizing defense on the new frontiers. I hope that they will be able to break through the enemy military dispositions in a timely manner.

PS. The fighting near Marinovka and Kozhevnya of July 21-22 is shown on the photos.

PS2. Regarding the arguments on the topic of Lisichansk, then I can confirm that a portion of vehicles was indeed held back in Luhansk, which was needed on the Lisichansk protrusion and near Debaltsevo. Effectively all of Strelkov's vehicles was bound in fighting on the outer perimeter of the South cauldron, there is catastrophically little of it in Donetsk and Gorlovka.

Original article: (in Russian)

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