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Rout of the 79-th brigade

Photos of the destroyed equipment of the 79-th airborne brigade showed up on the Internet, which is suffering huge losses in the South cauldron.
Earlier on its website the information appeared that said that the brigade was eliminated, after which the website was closed for "technical service".

As it is clarified, on the back plane the crosses of brotherly graves are visible, where the punitive troops dropped the corpses of the killed soldiers. – video from the location of these events.
The majority of vehicles from the 79-th separate airborne brigade of the Nikolayev paratroopers, which were located on the earlier captured "height" near Marinovka (DPR) on the border with Russia, fell into disrepair after the militia shelled them with "Grad" MLRS for a week: the burned tanks, IFVs, "Urals".
Such pictures are a pleasure to behold.

PS. In order to top it off. The DPR tanks fire on the punitive troops in Donetsk.

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