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Local Hell under Zelenopolye

The field camp of the fascist junta under Zelenopolye, which was covered by the fire of the "Grad" MLRS of the DPR.
On the video the burned out slices of the 72-nd mechanized brigade. The not yet dead soldiers of the junta pose on the background of the burned APCs and of the beheaded tank.
Apparently, several dozens perished here.

These pictures became fairly monotone over the last month. Considering that the junta is being constantly hammered on such positions in clear field, involuntarily the thought creeps that those fascists who yell about betrayal in headquarters are not that far away from the truth, it appears that a portion of officers is sabotaging the punitive operation by dumping the information about troop movements to the militia, effectively setting them up for an attack.

Here are some more, these are definitely new.

Yesterday, approximately at 8pm they started to shell us using mortars. The shelling continued for 4 hours, the shots were salvo-like, from 4 mortars simultaneously. The interval between salvos was 1-2 minutes. After they stopped shooting from mortars, the Grad stroke.
All we could do was to sit and wait.
When are we going to be pulled out of this hell?!

 – link (in Russian)

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: donetsk people's republic, dpr, war in ukraine

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