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Horrors of the 72nd brigade

Even that which manages to percolate into the open sources from the cauldron speaks about huge losses in personnel and equipment. The notorious 72-nd brigade altogether became a symbol of the catastrophe in the South Donbass.
2 representative videos are shown below. First a description from those who are located in the cauldron and then a temper tantrum in Kiev about what is happening.

The most interesting part is that the enlightenment doesn't occur for now, the people don't understand the reasons for this war and the mechanism of stopping it. The problem is not in body armor or god, but it is that they themselves put a fascist regime on their necks, which is shipping people to a civil war that it created by itself. This serves as an assurance of further victims and suffering. And until they understand this, they will keep receiving their children back in zinc coffins either in whole or in parts. This is a price of stupidity.

PS. And as a minute of military humor.

Mishka, what do you see?

An epic recording of the conversations of the junta officers, which are trying to guide a tank with a call sign "Mishka-1" on the militia positions. – listen (in Russian, careful, there is abusive language, especially when "Mishka-1" starts to get at the superiors).

You can't make this shit up.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: fascism, humor, junta, ukraine, war in ukraine

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