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Reached State Border

Today, after many days of fighting in the area of Marinovka, the militia fighters finally managed to carry out a decisive attack and completely cut the last thread between the junta forces group encircled in the South cauldron its main forces which unsuccessfully attacked Marinovka over several days.

Description of the start of this battle.

A militia attack on the forces of the 25-th, 72-nd, and 79-th airborne brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the Russia-Ukraine border started in the afternoon of July 25th. The paratroopers managed to fortify their positions over several days. The militia fighters advanced from the flanks from the side of Marinovka and Dmintrovka, fighting began.

First the T-64 tanks moved forward, then the infantry under the cover of the IFVs. The militia also fired with tanks from a high point near Marinovka, where the Ukrainian military used to be stationed. The tanks changed their positions when the enemy returned fire from mortars and self-propelled artillery weapons.

Militia infantry, with losses, broke to the customs terminal and took it under control. After this the Ukrainian military started massive mortar shelling of militia positions. As a result of fighting one local resident perished – an elderly man.

According to the Border Patrol Service of the FSB, at least 55 Ukrainian shells fell on the territory of the Rostov region on July 25th. Local residents, the employees on the customs checkpoint Kuybyshevsky, the journalist of TV channel "Russia-24" and a group of employees of the Investigative committee of Russia.

As LifeNews announced, the militia fighters blockaded the Ukrainian airborne detachments in the area of villages Marinovka, Dmitrovka, Kozhevnya, and Chervonaya Zarya on July 22nd. Back then, the DPR armor with the support of artillery successfully attacked the 25-th, 72-nd, and 79-th airborne brigades. Later, during the night of June 23rd, the enemy pushed the militia out of Chervonaya Zarya and Kozhevnya.

During the afternoon of July 23rd, fighting continued near the Russian border. The militia were digging in on a high point near Marinovka and simultaneously carried out artillery attacks against the encircled positions of the Ukrainian military. On the same day the militia managed to shoot down two Ukrainian military jets. LifeNews published an exclusive video from the crash site of one of these attack planes.

On the next day, July 24th, the militia fired at the positions of the Ukrainian military under the village Kozhevnya. The enemy remained encircled and cut off from supply routes, returned fire increasingly less often, and, according to the data of the militia reconnaissance, was preparing a counter-attack towards Kozhevnya with the forces of about one and a half thousand soldiers. – link (in Russian)

Heavy fighting near Kozhevnya on July 23-25

In the morning the information arrived that the attack was a success.

Militia took the "Marinovka" checkpoint under their control, the Ukrainian military continue to shell it.

As the representatives of the Donetsk People's Republic announce, the militia managed to take the Ukrainian checkpoint "Marinovka" under their control as a result of fighting. The DPR twitter says this much: "The detachments of the DPR army, with fighting, reached the border of the republic with the Russian Federation and took the border checkpoint "Marinovka" under their control."

The detachments of the DPR army, with fighting, reached the border of the republic with the Russian Federation and took the border checkpoint "Marinovka" under their control.

Also, as the DPR representatives say, the Ukrainian military continue to fire at the territory near the Russia-Ukraine border.

The "Marinovka" checkpoint and the adjacent territory of the Russian Federation remains under constant shelling of the Ukrainian army. The militia fighters are holding the positions next to the checkpoint. - link (in Russian)

Thus, the previously existing window in the encirclement of about 1km was liquidated and now the cauldron was eventually completed, even though the junta lost the ability of supplying already 2-3 days ago, because this "corridor" was fully exposed to fire and no serious supplying could be organized through it. The paratroopers who broke out of the cauldron, totaling 75 people (the organizer is currently subjected to criminal investigation) were apparently the last who managed to break out of the cauldron. Overall, the militia achieved an important tactical victory and brought the moment of routing the South cauldron closer.

Photos from the front lines.

Among the interesting.

(in Russian) – Graham Philips was found.
(in Russian) – shelling of Donetsk with phosphor munitions.
3. (in Russian) – the punitive troops are apportioning apartments in Luhansk and Donetsk ahead of time.
4. (in Russian) – Mr. Yarosh was declared to be wanted internationally by the Interpol.
5. (in Russian) – As Goebbels taught them.
6. (in Russian) – "Moscow Komsomolets" about the people who work in our Rostov warehouse.
7. (in Russian) – the data about the losses of the punitive troops, which I also published, were shown on the First Channel. (in Russian) – the summary of fighting in Novorossia for July 25th (in Russian) – the online broadcast on the "Voice of Sevastopol" for July 26th.

Original article: (in Russian)

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