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Threat of Terror Acts and NATO Military Intervention

Since the comments and the personal messages were deluged with requests to spread the word, then here is a separate post for the video by Guryanov (lately he ran away from Kurginyan and already managed to (in Russian) expose the Moscow provocateur), where he warns about the high probability of terror acts on the territory of the occupied Ukraine. The terror acts will be organized by Avakov and Co., with an understandable goal of framing the militia and the Russian Federation.

The reasons are actually obvious. Despite all cries of terrorism, the militia fighters just don't want to do terrorism, so they need to be helped by arranging a terror act instead of them, killing a few dozens, or better hundreds of civilians of the "independent khokhlyandiya". Where and how is not all that important, most importantly there should be a lot of corpses and bloody mess (arms, legs cut off, children killed) for a stable informational picture, basing on which an informational temper tantrum can be arranged directed at achieving desired consequences. NATO military intervention is one of the desired consequences, the necessary foundations for which are currently being attempted to be created.

If speaking of probability, then from my point of view, the situation on the junta side is quite critical, the provocation with "Boeing" fell through, so the attempts to find a new ground for provocations are obvious. These provocations should become a turning point in the information war for the benefit of the junta and to contribute to the NATO military intervention in Ukraine.

It is necessary to speak about preparing such provocations, so that it is harder to the junta to dump the responsibility for them onto the militia or the Russian Federation. In these questions it always better to be safe than sorry.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: avakov, fascism, junta, kurginyan, provocations, ukraine, war in ukraine

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