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News from "military surplus store"

On the topic of the quite annoying questions about the "military surplus store".

Yesterday the colleagues were returning from the border after transferring yet another shipment of the humanitarian cargo for the embattled Novorossia, which were organized through the Information and Analytical Center "Cassad" and through the "Voice of Sevastopol". On their way they recorded an interesting movement in the Rostov area (as it is clarified, in the area of Novocherassk). A massive mechanized convoy is on its way to the border (APC with infantry on the armor, covered trucks, staff cars, various auxiliary equipment), which by preliminary estimates stretched over 10 kilometers.

The exclusive video is provided

Preempting the questions of whether this discloses any military secrets, we were told that there is nothing to fear, this movement is open and there is no secret in it.

The very same convoy on the streets of Rostov.

Where and why all of this is driving in such quantities is a purely rhetorical question.

Plus, yesterday there was also this information.

So, guys, literally 5 minutes ago I was smoking with a friend, who took his relatives from the checkpoint Donetsk-Izvarino on Thursday. He has several relatives among the militia, which accompanied his other relatives to the border, and then passed through with them for a while and then returned. The impressions after celebrating the meeting with them over a cup of tea are the following:
1. help is coming, this is also confirmed by the militia and the friend himself saw a huge pile of KAMAZ trucks, which ram towards the border, a part of them without license plates, a part are almost destroyed, a part – already very used.
2. the militia fighters themselves are well dressed and shod, they prefer no our new "digital" camp, but either the American "comic" or our old flora, because they say that everything burned out in the steppes and our "digital" is exposing them on the general background like a piece of shit in a sugar bowl.
3. instructors – yes, there are. No additional comments.
4. the Ukropian yelling regarding that they are being hammered from both sides of the border, to my huge surprise, are not just wild guesses of the cretin Tymchuk. As my friend understood it – this is about the neutral strip, i.e., the zero buffer zones on the border from which all of this is banging.
5. the mood, in principle, is decent among the guys. At least I didn't notice any melancholy, everybody drank only to victory.
6. From our side the border is secure and the cops aren't asleep – our helicopters with military maneuver groups are constantly passing through the air space, they go low on the border perimeter.
7. regarding the lack of mass involvement in the militia – according to the militia themselves – the more the Ukrops hammer at the mines, which are forced to shut down (the transformers are destroyed and the mines are off the grid), the more miner volunteers enter the ranks of the militia.
8. the overwhelming majority of the militia fighters are from Ukraine themselves.
9. The guys had a snack with American rations and were smoking the native cigarettes.
In general if briefly – this is it. I was especially pleased with points 3 and 4. Point 4 is decapitating in a good sense of this word. (in Russian) – link

PS. Let's put it this way, the author described the situation on the border with high fidelity, even though certain moments are missing or rather are not disclosed.

Original article: (in Russian)

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