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On Atrocities of Russian Militarizm

A talking head from "Hromadske TV" and an employee of "Human Rights Watch" on the atrocities of Russian militarists.

English Transcript:
Danilo Yanevsky, Ukrainian "journalist": Tatyana LokshIna or LOkshina (unintelligible..).
Tatyana Lokshina, employee of Human Rights Watch: It doesn't matter (unintelligible..)
DY: Excuse me Tatyana. I don't know how to put the accent correctly.
TL: Tanya LokshIna.
DY: Tanya LokshIna. I'm sorry. Thanks. Excuse me again. Huge thanks for tuning in. Yes. Please let us know how Human Rights Watch and you personally assess the atrocities of the Russian militarism and their accomplices here among the local population which persecute and harass and steal people for months, blow up the airplanes of international airlines and in general there are no such war crimes which they wouldn't commit here? Please.
TL: You probably know that several weeks ago our international human rights organization Human Rights Watch released a document in which it qualifies what is happening in the East of Ukraine as an internal armed conflict. What does this mean? This..
DY: Excuse me if I allow myself to interrupt you. This is not an internal armed conflict. It is sponsored and supported by the government of the Russian Federation, by the minister of defense Shoigu and by the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. And there is absolutely unambiguous announcement about it made by the Red Cross. What you are saying is NOT TRUE.
TL: As I already said, several weeks ago our organization recognized the events that occur on the East of Ukraine as an armed conflict that does not have international nature. If I am not mistaken, a similar announcement was made yesterday by the International Red Cross organization. What does this mean in practice? This means that the norms of international humanitarian rights are in effect, that is the "laws of war" and within the bounds of the "laws of war" certain actions are prohibited. They are prohibited for all sides of the conflict. And, correspondingly, our organization in this situation is collecting information about how much the sides of the conflict respect or don't respect the laws of war. Respect or don't respect the norms of international humanitarian law. Which precisely violations did we detect? I must emphasize that on the East of Ukraine we are quite engaged starting from approximately May of this year. Exactly on the East of the country. In principle our organization is very engaged in Ukraine for a long time. What did we record? In the category of violations of the norms of international humanitarian law...
DY: Yes, Tatyana. Sorry for allowing myself to interrupt you again. Does your organization work in the adjacent regions of the Russian Federation and how does it assess the shelling with the use of rockets, heavy artillery, airplanes of the territory of the neighboring sovereign state. Is this a war crime from your point of view and who is responsible for this legally and politically? Thanks for a straight answer.
TL: Well, as for the political responsibility, Human Rights Watch doesn't discuss it altogether. If you want to hear what exactly did we record...
DY: (interrupts) I want to hear how you assess the shelling by the Russian side of the Ukrainian territory, occupying a part of Ukraine, and ongoing murder of Ukrainian citizens and soldiers who are protecting their motherland. This is what I am interested in.
TL: Your colleagues invited me so that I would tell...
DY: Thanks a lot, the conversation is over. (@3:32) Thanks, Tatyana Lokshina, Human Rights Watch, has nothing to say (puts the glasses back on).

Clearly, a real European who is heading into Europe for human rights and freedom of speech.
In essence, a molecular level fascism is depicted in the video, which is displacing even the appearance of a bourgeois pluralism.
Wrong opinion, bye bye.
And now imagine the state of those people who are processed by similar "journalists" for months, who shut the mouths of people who have different opinion.
This is that classical case when brainwashing was raised to its absolute self.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: censorship, danila yanevskiy, fascism, freedom of speech, ukraine, данило яневський

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