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News from Cauldrons

A selection of news about fighting in Donbass on July 26th.

Here is some more from the positions of the 72-nd brigade. The video is absolutely rough, people were cut into pieces and their remains burned into ashes. Watch strictly after 18, and those who are nervous and impressionable better leave it be.

This is precisely the boomerang, the punitive troops are burning for Odessa Khatyn and not for the first time already. Together with Ukraine. Under Izvarino, under Krasnodon, under Zelenopolye, in Dzerzhinsk. To be continued...

"According to the residents of the occupied territory, the National Guard suffered crushing losses near Karlovka. Their bodies aren't even loaded – they are rammed into trucks. The Donbass battalion effectively ceased to exist.
In the area of Ostroye (this settlement is also occupied) people discovered a checkpoint of Nazis who were liquidated without a single shot.
The Ukrainian army starts to run away en masse near Kurakhovo and other cities, perfectly understanding that the National Guad won't be able to get out of the cauldron under Marinovka and they are only left a few hours of existence. Under Karlovka there is fighting again, a Donetsk suburb was shelled but our army gave a worthy fight – 4 tanks were burned, 2 mortar squads were routed.
Despite the lack of food and water, the guys don't sleep for two days and don't give up their positions.
The population shares its last food and water, realizing against what and for what we are fighting" – says the announcement. (in Russian) – link

The relatives of those who survived are in a state close to hysteria. They didn't expect such horrors for themselves and their relatives a couple of months ago.

The militia captured 11 punitive troops in the area of the Luhansk airport.

The description below:

"From the side of the airport the tanks broke through around 16:30 (MSK). Everybody was raised by an alarm. We went there. Eventually we found the convoy. Took the best positions. Started registration fire. The Ukrainian military dug in near the church. Later a horrible battle began, the tanks and the IFVs moved towards the militia fighters. Tried to encircle. And here is the result of yet another battle under Luhansk airport: minus 2 tanks of the punitive troops, 11 prisoners + a trophy AA gun. The prisoners were delivered for debriefing. And they were given food, water, and cigarettes. All of them, as the LPR headquarters say, are subject to exchange."

More on the topic of junta's losses.

At about 20.30 MSK 41 Ukrainian service members abandoned their military units and reported to the Ukrainian border checkpoint "Izvarino". They addressed the militia fighters with a request to assist them with passage on the territory of Russia because they don't want to fight against their own people.

Careful, under the spoiler there are photos of those junta soldiers who weren't lucky enough to be captured or to run away into Russia.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

But nothing is free. Today a group of Strelkov's fighters was ambushed, about 10 veterans of fighting for Slavyansk perished and about 20 were wounded.

Also there were losses under Debaltsevo, where the junta is keeping the initiative for now and militia are laboriously holding off the determined attacks by the enemy. Today the militia lost 2 tanks, 1 APC, and about 10 people there. The junta lost 1 tank and several IFVs, as well as about 15-20 dead. Fighting continues. The enemy uses artillery and MLRS actively.

On the situation of the settlement of Peski, where the punitive troops suffered a noticeable defeat lately.

On the video the punitive troops are actually entering it.

All houses are broken, smoke is coming out of their remains, the corpses of pets are on the streets, there is a stable reek of burn... the reek of death.
The trees stand naked, there are no fruits even under their upper branches. As if they were blown away by the whirlwinds.
Apparently, this is the blast wave from Grads... While examining the cars which weren't damaged by the Grad warhead but were covered by the air stream from explosions the glass fell out, the wire disconnected (on the male-female connections) I think the drivers understand me. The engine and the trunk hood flew away by several tens of meters. In some houses there are residents, who come here during the moments of calm.
Yesterday my acquaintance left there, the last call was at 16-00 "see Grads in the area of Veseloye... there is no connection to him up until now"

Bolotov today was also optimistic and reported successes in fighting against the saboteurs and in building a reliable air defense over Luhansk.

Below, the LPR summary for 18-00 27

Strelkov today wrote that he won't give his summaries anymore. In principle I have an idea why, but for now I don't rush to conclusions.

Various photos from the recent days from Donbass front lines.

A photo of the old cannon destroyed near Izvarino.

The "Dovzhansky" checkpoint destroyed by the militia "Grads".

A couple of photos from there below.

The militia fighters who defended Izvarino in mid-July.

And here is an interesting photo with Yarosh in Karlovka. This is the first week of July.

And here are the houses in Krasnodon that were destroyed by the junta artillery.
Below, the damage in Donetsk.

A junta military convoy.

Sedovo border checkpoint.

The "Uragan" MLRS. A unit from under Sumy.

And the inevitable offensive by the ruthless merchandise. – for other events, please tune in to the online broadcast on the "Voice of Sevastopol" for 07/26 (in Russian)

Original article: (in Russian)

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