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Colonel Pushenko's Mail

The Cyber-Berkut published a fresh folder of the documents of Ukrainian junta on the topic of losses in people and equipment. The documents are quite curious in their content. Especially with respect to equipment that fell into militia hands.

We, CyberBerkut, continue to stand against the fratricidal war in Ukraine. The fascist punitive squads of the ringleader of the Kiev junta Poroshenko and the militant bloody oligarch Kolomoisky continue to destroy the Ukrainian people.
Today we hacked the electronic mail of one of the punitive troops – the colonel V.M. Pushenko. The letters confirm the facts of large-scale reluctance of simple Ukrainians to shoot their compatriots. Now you can see the real data about the hundreds of soldiers who desert every day. These fact are the most protected secret of the Kiev junta. We, Cyberberkut, uncover it.
The morale of the "protectors" of Ukraine is so low that they drop arms in whole platoons and companies and run away from the location of their units, even despite the threat of reprisal by the cover squads of the Right sector. Here is an example of documents that were sent by a punitive troop to the attorney general's office.


We once again emphasize that our Ukrainian journalists either don't want to relay truth to the people or simply don't know it. Today we publish a number of facts, which are hidden from Ukrainian mothers by various lysenkos, tymchuks, seleznyovs.


Also the colonel announces major losses in military equipment as well. Note that the majority of the weapons of the punitive troops ends up with the Novorossia militia squads.

Material losses.

Over just a single month the punitive troops "donated" to the militia a significant number of weapons: tanks T-64 – 25 vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) – 19 vehicles; armored personnel carriers (APC) – 11 unites; self-propelled artillery mounts 2C1 "Gvozdika" – 11 units; multiple rocket launch systems BM-21 "Grad" – 12 vehicles; D-30 howitzers – 5 units; mortars of 82mm caliber – 16 units; anti-aircraft guns ZU-23-2 – 2 units; automotive tractors (AT) - 5 vehicles. – link (in Russian, on the website it is possible to download also the actual archive of the hacked email of colonel Pushenko, from where the documents about real losses appeared)

Original article: (in Russian)

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