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Things Are Getting Hot

A morale-raising video of destroyed junta positions under Luhansk.

Whether the captured tanks and IFVs can be restored is not clear from the video. Externally the tank looks OK.

The act of bravery by the commander of the first platoon in the "Ghost" battalion. July 21st, 2014, Lisichansk.

During a regular mission to the enemy position, we encountered superior enemy forces. Vladimir took the main attack upon himself, by this allowing the guys to retreat. During the unequal fight his hand was turn off, but he continued to fight until he became unconscious. Yesterday we learned the sad news about the death of the commander of the first platoon. During the morning the guys decided to go on another mission in order to take the commander's body. As it turned out, Vladimir was alive, only unconscious. The fighters carried him off the battlefield with tears of JOY in their eyes. He was successfully delivered to the hospital where he was helped.

Plus a video from Shakhtyorsk, which may have been the crucial point of the junta offensive on July 27-28. The fighting there continues until now, the junta forces are being pushed out of the suburbs, where they retreated after the militia counter-attack on July 27th.

The photos from the South cauldron that speak for themselves. The ground is burning under the feet of occupiers.

Apparently there was "Hail" yet again.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: luhansk, video, war in ukraine

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