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Attempt to Encircle Donetsk

About the attempt to encircle Donetsk by strikes through Debaltsevo and Shakhtyorsk.

The North group of the enemy that was advancing on Debaltsevo currently got stuck in fighting for the city, the militia fighters from the arriving reserves fortified on the outskirts, which forces the junta to shell residential blocks using artillery, trying to drive them out of the city. The facts of seeping by separate groups of motorized infantry of the enemy to the South of Debaltsevo can be observed. The ambitious plan of the junta consists of breaking through the screen near Debaltsevo and by using the captured intersection to perform a joint attack on Shakhtyorsk and Torez from the North, in order to close the encirclement around Donetsk and Gorlovka.

For now the militia fighters hinder this plan, without a complete capture of Debaltsevo and routing the arriving militia reserves, a serious offensive to the South is not likely to be possible.
In essence, yesterday the junta demonstrated its goals that have to do with encircling Donetsk and Gorlovka. Two groups that advance on converging directions became clear – one, which consists of units that were freed up under Slavyansk and Lisichansk, is advancing on Debaltsevo.

The second, which gathered over about 1.5-2 weeks under Amvrosiyevka and Blagodatnoye, performed an attack on Shakhtyorsk and Saur-Mogila. Overall, this is a rough copy of the operation "Citadel". The main bet is made on tanks and artillery, but the low quality of infantry complicates developing the success, due to which when there is more-or-less robust resistance, the offensive stops and the junta loses operational tempo. Because the DPR forces are significantly numerically inferior to the junta forces, the survival of the DPR depends on timely strikes of the LPR forces on the advancing enemy groups and dispatching reserves in order to help the DPR. On the tactical level, the main prerequisite of successful defense, timely artillery strikes on the advancing units, and also using of the not numerous armor for counter-attacks on the breaking enemy mechanized groups.

Combined with a stubborn defense of the key positions this tactic is quite capable of disrupting the enemy offensive. Because the junta plans are no longer a secret, the enemy will aspire to ram its plan through by brute force, increasing the amount of armor that enters fighting to the maximum given the intensive air support and massive artillery strikes. In essence, like the militia, the junta currently throws all of its available reserves into battle, which it won't be able to reinforce by much if the offensive will be disrupted. But the calculation is built so that the capabilities of resistance will be exhausted before the onset of the crisis. Those maps which started to roam the internet on yesterday are not the real situation, but rather the desired enemy goals. This also concerns the rumors of complete encirclement of Donetsk and Gorlovka.

The same also happened in the heavy fighting for Saur-Mogila, which was once again captured on the Internet. In reality, on the South section of the front lines all key points remained in the militia hands.
It is not worth thinking that everything is so bright here – if the enemy attacks were repelled yesterday, then there is no guarantee that they will be repelled today, because the overall advantage in forces is still with the junta. If the militia will hold on for a couple more days to its previous positions, then this junta offensive will also fizzle and a positional front line will emerge in Donbass now throughout the entire length of it. And the junta risks losing operational initiative. On the other side, if it manages to ram through one of the key points and start encircling Donetsk operationally, then the militia risks ending up in very difficult situation, the fears of which were sounded by Strelkov yesterday, who is not deceiving himself by the yesterday's tactical successes, because he understands that the heaviest fighting is still in the future.

Among other interesting news, it is worth noting that the enemy once again took Pervomaisk away from the militia fighters, which the junta captured on July 27th and lost during the fighting of July 28th. Fighting here continues.
At this time Popasnaya isn't captured by either side.


Strelkov announces (in Russian) that the overall junta losses since the beginning of the operation reached 5000 people.

Why are we in Strelkov's squad? The military advisor of Strelkov about the militia motivation and about Moscow provocateurs.

Shelling of the Shyroky farm under Donetsk by MRLS "Grad".

A confirmed rally in support of Donbass will occur on August 2nd in Moscow.

If the previous major rally was organized by the CPRF and the left forces, then now the right took to the task.
More details here: (in Russian).

A documentary about war crimes of the fascist junta. The video now has English subtitles and contains simply a huge amount of facts of committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, due to which it is very hard to watch.

Of course this needs to be spread as much as possible, especially on English resources. (in Russian) – War Marker – summary of military action in Novorossia for 07/28 (in Russian) – the online-broadcast on the "Voice of Sevastopol" for 07/29 (in Russian)

Original article: (in Russian)

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