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Fighting for Shakhtyorsk, July 29-30

About the fighting under Shakhtyorsk and Torez that occurred on July 29-30.

Fighting for Shakhtyorsk, July 29-30.

July 29

"There was serious fighting in Shakhtyorsk. Information about the yesterday's fighting in Shakhtyorsk: the militia burned one tank and put in well into the National Guard barracks with mortars. The losses are unknown.
Today the Kozyr's group headed by him broke into the settlement on the outskirts of Shakhtyorsk. A national guard tank was seriously damaged, but they couldn't finish it off.
The most experienced grenadier was at this time below, Drozd shot at the tank instead of him. According to the words of militia fighters, they put down a lot of national guard. Plus put a NONA and Kamaz out of order.
From the militia side there are 3 wounded. One, apparently, seriously. The battalion commander received a hand wound. Yug – got hit by shrapnel into the hand and the head, but he is alive, thanks God. And again Odessa – a second piece of shrapnel now.
Situation for today – Shakhtyorsk is under militia control. The national guard is sitting with their armor in thick foliage.
By my own eyes I've seen from the 13-floor building how Nona blew up. Like in a Hollywood movie. Something went up for 30 meters, then an explosion. The National Guard nona blew up. The militia machine gunners or a grenadier finished it off. Not clear. But the National Guard has their Nona no more. And the ammunition detonated next to the National Guard Nona. The explosions continued for 30 minutes.
On the militia morale. There is no fear and panic. There are many who want to go into breakthroughs. In general, anywhere with Kozyr.
When a piece of shrapnel entered the same leg again, Odessa said: "Noo, I'm not wounded. The piece went through. And he was still shooting at the enemy".
After being wounded twice over two days, Odessa continues the break together with the main group
The consequences of fighting in Shakhtyorsk: the ammunition warehouse is on fire, Nona, and, perhaps, some other armor. (on the photo).

July 30

The day was restless. There were several serious missions. The Kozyr detachment under the tank cover tried to break into the settlement on the outskirts of Shakhtyorsk, but they were well-received. Retreated.
The situation for today in Shakhtyorsk is the following. The Ukrainian army sits in the private housing block with armor. For now we can't push them out.
One of the militia detachments on the outskirts of Shakhtyorsk was encircled. Managed to break out. There are 2 dead.
During a mission into thick foliage, Pryanik – one of the fighters in the Kozyr's detachment – got a piece of shrapnel into his leg. But he was lucky – only a bruise.
Several times the information arrived about small groups of Ukrs on the outskirts of Shakhtyorsk, but every time they managed to flee.
The Ukropian mortars are apparently not trained well. The shells hit private housing. They speak about two fires. I've seen only one.
At about 9pm the militia fighter Kylik lobbed a rocket into thick foliage to Ukrops. Something blew up well. According to all signs – the National Guard KAMAZ.
I've seen with my own eyes that the National Guard infantry is weak. How do you think I learned that? I've never seen it!!!
Paratroopers sit In thick foilage in Shakhtyorsk. All vehicles there are of the paratroopers. (in Russian) – link

The routed junta checkpoint under Torez.

Plus the photos from the front lines from the recent days.

Original article: (in Russian)

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