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There is a category of people who have to be simply killed (c) Butkevich

Yet another conscious degenerate on Hromadske TV proves that there is no fascism in Ukraine by calling for elimination of the unnecessary residents of Donbass.

This is what they were jumping for in Maidan – for murdering certain categories of people.

So you asked how can it be this way.
It can be this way because Donbass in general is a region that... well... it is not just a depressive region. You see, there is such a huge complex of problems... The main thing is that there is a huge number of absolutely unnecessary people in economy there (@0:15).
Trust me, I say this fully consciously.
So let's take just the Donetsk region there are approximately 4 million population there. No less than 1.5 million there are simply unnecessary people (@0:20).
What else do I want to say. We don't need to "understand" Donbass. We need to understand in general the Ukrainian national interest. And Donbass needs to be just used as a resource. (@0:28).
From the point of view of understanding Donbass. I think... I don't have a recipe of what can be done there quickly. However, the main thing that needs to be done there right now no matter how cruel this may sound... there is a certain category of people who need to be simply killed. (@0:40)

"There is no fascism in Ukraine" (c) any degenerate.

Those who currently yell about the forced mobilization in Ukraine simply didn't expect that their husbands and children will also end up among those categories who will have to bleed to death.
How exactly it happens is shown in the video below.

Video 18+
[Spoiler (click to open)] – link for a copy, they will delete it from Youtube.

Original article: (in Russian)

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