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Results of Fighting for Shakhtyorsk

In addition to the yesterday's corpses of the junta soldiers in Shakhtyorsk.
The losses were so huge that they were impossible to hide.

In the Donetsk region in the city of Shakhtyorsk due to powerful shelling from "Grad" of the militants against the positions of the military 21 paratrooper of the 25-th brigade from the military unit A1126 perished. In Shakhtyorsk the terrorists shelled the ATO fighters from "Grad": 21 dead. Photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.  This is announced with reference to volunteers who are currently helping the brigade and also to the military themselves by "Hromadske TV". In particular, according to the information, the commander of the 2-nd battalion is among the dead. Besides, it is announced that due to shelling there are very many wounded among the military. Currently they are transported by helicopters into Dnepropetrovsk. "Right now I got a call on my mobile phone from the detachment of Bruno Santos. They are getting "hammered" from 4 sides with "Grads". They said their goodbyes. They said that there is no chance. Nobody brought them anything, there were no reinforcements and no supplies," – cites the source. – link (in Russian)

Taking those who perished during street fighting, on checkpoints, and during the retreat from Shakhtyorsk into account (not counting the prisoners), the enemy lost up to 80-85 dead according to the most minimal estimates. The 25-th airborne brigade suffered especially high losses, which due to its specificity is certainly not supposed for street fighting in the first line.

Below there are photos of the results of fighting for Shakhtyorsk. There is 18+, so beware.

Militia sniper fires at the enemy.

Captured paratroopers.

At the place of explosion.

"Well-deserved" award.

A 16-story building which was hammered by the junta tanks.

Militia are resting on a stairway during the breaks between the enemy attacks.

Private housing is burning.

A fighter from the "Kozyr" detachment, continued to fight even after receiving a leg wound.

Fighting on the outskirts of Shakhtyorsk, July 30.

Apparently, they dig graves for the corpses of the Ukrainian military here.

The militia fighter "Camel".

Fighting on the outskirts of Shakhtyorsk, July 30. The call sign "Shusha".

Simple belongings of the militia fighter with a call sign "Zver" (i.e., "Monster").

The number of a burned IFV.

The militia fighter with a call sign "Yozhik" (i.e., "Hedgehog").

Bloody trace on the ground, this is a trace of a junta soldier, who was thrown away from the armor and he was crawling into the bushes with a broken arm and without a foot.

There he died. Snickers is symbolic...


The fallen trees in the city center.

In the outskirts of Shakhtyorsk. The first shot missed the enemy IFV and hit the building wall. The second shot broke off the track. The IFV remained combat capable, it was towed away.


The horrible happened! Pryanik sat on the butter which Lyolik brought in order to eat along with cookies. One has to wash it, another can't eat it.

A gymnasium in the center of Shakhtyorsk.

Kozyr's fighters captured a marauder from another detachment, who lifted Gameboy cartridges from a store. And put him into a well.

Actually, they are soft. In Slavyansk people were shot for marauders. And just one question – wtf are Gameboy catriges for in 2014?


Veteran of fighting for Slavyansk.

A prisoner.

Food for militia fighters.

Before combat.

Militia commander "Kozyr" (i.e., "Trump").

A house in the center of Shakhtyorsk.

A lady-spotter. Works together with an anti-tank group.

Documents of those who will never return home.

Rations taken from the enemy.

Food for militia from the locals.

Hands of a machine gunner.

A prisoner from the 25-th airborne brigade.

During the retreat the tanks chaotically fired at residential homes.

An APC that burned during fighting for Shakhtyorsk.

A trophy from a blown-up IFV. Rhymes in Russian.

Another trophy.

No comments.

The explosion was so powerful that this body flew 20 meters away from the IFV after the hit from a tank shell.

The legs of this driver remained in the vehicle.

Such unknown pieces are what's left of a human after the hit from a tank.

The militia fighters wait for the results of a surgery of the captured Ukrainian artillerist, which was brought into the local hospital.

A Ukrainian artillerist, abandoned by his own during the retreat with heavy wounds. They tried to save him, but his wounds were incompatible with life. He died yesterday.

They wanted to encircle Donetsk.

A blown-up IFV, view from behind.

Farewell to Arms.

The local Lenin observed the events. – a significant portion of the photos was taken from the twitter of "Borisich". He writes well, even though about horrible things, but with humor.

Plus the video of the interrogation of a prisoner in Shakhtyorsk.

Certainly, one shouldn't get ecstatic. The defeat of the 25-th airborne brigade and the accompanying army and naziguard detachments under Shakhtyorsk, and a large number of dead and wounded soldiers of the enemy is good, but this doesn't solve the key problems in the area of Marinovka and Debaltsevo, where the enemy is trying to continue the offensive. But overall, the army of Novorossia can certainly put the defense of Shakhtyorsk to its win column, the enemy plans here were disrupted, and heavy losses in men and equipment were inflicted on it.

Original article: (in Russian)

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