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Necrotic Tension of Hatred

Andrey Vadzhra has an excellent text on the topic of the bloody mess that is currently happening in Ukraine.

Necrotic Tension of Hatred

Ukraine was masterfully turned into a single giant lump of black, engrossing hatred. The hatred permeated literally everything. Moreover, as more is taken away from the regular people they are being pumped with increasingly gigantic portions of hatred. Poverty, lawlessness, and now also blood and death are compensated with hatred.

They hate "vatniks" (roughly translates as "quilted jacket", which were commonly worn by the Soviet soldiers on the Eastern front during World War II – now used as derogatory term by the Ukrainian fascists to refer to people who don't share ideology of Ukrainian fascism), they hate "moskals", they hate Putin, they hate each other.

Ukrainian media are turned not just into generators of lies, but into generators of lies that cause hatred and the irresistible urge to crush, destroy, and kill.

In the beginning of the year Maidan was radiating powerful fluids of some sort of wild, archaic, black hatred, which could be felt by one's skin. This is not an allegory. This is physics. The Maidan energetics had a very powerful necrotic tension. Like in a slaughterhouse. The Maidan energetics could be felt physically. And then the infection of the Maidan hatred engulfed the whole country.

Everything that lives now perishes in this necrotic tension of hatred. Those who can run – run. One cannot reside in this for too long. People who have weak psyche go mad, others are either in a state of chronic depression or start to commit acts which in adequate, HUMAN state they would never commit.

All of this reminds me of the "Inhabited Island" by Strugatsky brothers. Remember its towers? Remember this screaming and yelping with hatred crowd of extraterrestrial patriots? Now this is in Ukraine. Only instead of towers there is TV. Otherwise, everything is one-to-one. Including the tank attacks and shooting enemies.

At the same time, everything that is happening is reminiscent of some kind of a suicidal urge, when the mad people crush and break everything in their way, kill people with delight and then themselves die.

Maidan initiated a certain form of epidemic, suicidal madness, turning people into rabid animals.

But what will happen when the heat of necrotic madness will recede, when the survivors will find their marbles? Yes, they will only see ruins around them. This is clear. What is not clear is whether they will see the rabid animals in themselves. Will they be ashamed?

Andrey Vadzhra

PS. Regarding the answer to Vadzhra's question, we can recall the known practical experience of Germans who survived nazism. Things varied there. Some were sincerely ashamed of the committed acts and are officially ashamed up until now, some preferred to forget and to pretend that they forgot, as if nothing really happened and there were no tens of millions of deaths for which they were responsible, the destroyed cities and burned bodies. This way it was easier. People in general are bad at admitting their mistakes and things are even worse with admitting the committed crimes and aiding them. That is why I wouldn't count on some kind of general Ukrainian remorse in what was done. Some percentage will certainly be able to recognize, become horrified, and even repent, the others will keep redeeming the disintegrating society and state by the continuing bloody horror, when the whole depth of the committed mistake (which is worse than crime) will be felt on their own skin. This price will be terrible, maybe even more terrible than for the Germans, which still kept a semblance of a state and which didn't disappear after what happened.

Original article: (in Russian)

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