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Details of 72-nd Separate Mechanized Brigade Surrender

A decision to withdraw their subordinates into the territory of Russia was made by the officers of the 72-nd mechanized brigade of the armed forces of Ukraine and the National Border Service due to the lack of ammunition, food products, fuel, and clear orders from the commanders on how to act under the conditions of encirclement.

"Over two weeks we fought back effectively without ammunition and fuel. I had no ability to feed my people for more than two weeks. We even ran out of dry rations. The personnel is exhausted not so much by shelling but by the hopelessness of the situation. Besides the order to "hold our ground" the center didn't help us in any way. And in the last week they even stopped talking to us – they already buried us," – the agency cites the battalion commander Vitaly Dubinyak.

According to Dybinyak's words, the vehicles and weapons had to be abandoned on the Ukrainian side – "it was more important to save the people". Besides gratitude, major Vitaly Dubinyak expressed genuine surprise at the "brotherly treatment" of the Ukrainian military from the Russian side.
"Honestly speaking, we didn't expect that we will be treated in this way, I could say, in a brotherly way. Everybody who gives us orders from above actually lie that we fight against Russia. Nobody among the Russians didn't even give us a nasty look – they understand that in this trouble we are hostages of the situation," – stated the Ukrainian battalion commander.
"Here we were provided with medical services, the wounded were helped, we were fed, – he continued – We washed for a first time in a month. They gave us clothes and created all conditions for rest. I can say for sure that everybody who went through this meat grinder won't return to this slaughterhouse for the second time. I save the lives of my guys, I told them: let them fight for themselves now and send their own sons to die. And we had enough. Since according to their calculations we don't exist – they shouldn't take us into account anymore," – summarized Dubinyak.
The commander of the Ukrainian battalion also recognized that the military action in the South-East already turned into a civil war.
"Of course, I don't know how I will be able to look in the eyes of the mothers of my perished boys. But I know for sure, that this civil slaughterhouse needs to be stopped. I already saw enough tears of the local residents and on the torments of my guys. I had enough. The most important is that we are alive. And with the rest we will deal after we come back home," – promised he.
We remind that during the last night more than 400 Ukrainian service members passed on the territory of the Russian Federation. After they referred to the Russian border guards with a request of shelter, they were allowed into the country through a humanitarian corridor. The Ukrainian border guards were also among the military. A temporary camp was created for the Ukrainian military who passed into the territory of the Russian Federation. (in Russian) – link

PS. Actually, from the important.

1. The military vehicles weren't destroyed. The information about 60 vehicles is being confirmed.
2. The DPR and the LPR propaganda obtain rich material for working with enemy soldiers.
3. Of course, by themselves they won't be able to stop the civil war and the punitive operation, but certain seeds of discontent they will take with themselves for sure.
4. As for everything else, as I already wrote before, it is not worth expecting the appearance of the 72-nd SMBr on the front lines, this unit now exists only on paper.

Now after they dealt with the 72-nd SMBr, they took the second part of the cauldron to the task, where the remains of the 79-th airborne and the 24-th tank brigades, and also a battalion of the 72-nd SMBr.

The fighter of the 79-th airborne brigade connected with the journalists of the ZiK TV channel and told that their military unit, in which many military from the Western Ukraine serve, was surrounded by the militants. Already for almost a month the fighters are under mortar and artillery shelling by the terrorists. So the warriors request help. He also added, that they only have enough food for another day.
"We are fired at around the clock. They cover us with the "Grad" MRLS. They cover us with artillery, cover us with mortars. They cover us from the side of the Russian Federation and also from the side of Ukraine from the positions occupied by the separatists," – tells the fighter from the 79-th airborne brigade.
The soldier noted, that by now almost two battalions are effectively destroyed.
"People can't stand this anymore. 35-year old, 40-year old men sit and cary," – said the fighter.
The ATO speaker Alexey Dmitrashkivsky said, that everything possible is now being done to help our fighters.

Also it is worth noting that during the yesterday's shelling from "Grads" the commander of one of the battalions of the 79-th brigade was killed, at the rank of a Major. This is besides the typical losses in people and equipment.

Original article: (in Russian)

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