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War in Donbass. 08/06

By the evening of August 6, 2 principal directions became clear where the junta continues offensive action, these are Donetsk suburbs and the location of the front lines from Saur-Mogila to Latyshevo. Under Donetsk the junta managed to squeeze the militia fighters from Mar'inka, and in the South after failing to beat the corridor into the cauldron, the mechanized detachments turned to the North, trying to perform a dissecting strike trough Latyshevo and Snezhnoye. Heavy fighting is ongoing on both directions. The situation is close to critical. But according to the information at 11pm, the breakthrough near Latyshevo and Rassypnoye is liquidated, the enemy is thrown back. Saur-Mogila is standing, street fighting resumed in Mar'inka.
Artillery and vehicles continue to be pulled to Donetsk, an inevitable assault is under preparation. On the LPR territory the junta is behaving quite passively overall – the losses and the overall lack of forces have their impact. Here the situation for the LPR has stabilized.

Below video and photo of fighting from the recent days.

A destroyed tank and the abandoned junta positions under Krasnodon.

A Ukrainian mortar crew shells Russian territory.

The punitive battalion "Shakhtyorsk" in Mar'inka.

Junta artillery is shelling Donetsk.

Shakhtyorsk. Tank hits an IFV. 18+

An unexpected shell hits a highway.

Following example of Slavyansk, prohibition is in effect in Shakhtyorsk.

The commander of DPR "Nona", who Strelkov awarded a honorary weapon.

The maternity hospital and the morgue in Horlovka after shelling.

Donetsk after a missile attack.

Consequences of shelling the housing blocks in Donetsk.

A food market in Donetsk after shelling.

Firemen extinguish one of Luhansk plants.

What Luhansk is turning into.

Donetsk residents see only murderers in the Ukrainian "liberators". Occasional CNN.

Spaniards in the militia.

Reviewing the belongings of a captured junta officer.

Interview with Batman. Awesome dude. We work with him since the Spring.

Transferring 4 wounded soldiers of the junta through the territory of the Russian Federation back into Ukraine.

Chasing a spotter from the "Aidar" punitive battalion.

The captured spotter from the "Aidar" punitive battalion.

Improbable adventures of Ukrainian journalists in Ukraine.

colonelcassad's interview for Anna-News

Plus from Cassad TV – a night battle against the "Azov" battalion in Mar'inka. – blowing up a bridge in Gorlovka – after shelling in Petrovskaya – consequences of hitting a five-storied building in Donetsk


Militia fighters.

Denis Dragoner. Perished on July 19th while repelling a tank attack by the fascists.

Medal "For combat achievements".


Translation: I'm alive

Another one bites the dust.

A destroyed temple in Luhansk.

Sukhodolsk after shelling.

Victims of shelling Pervomaisk by the fascists.

Blown-up bridge in Gorlovka.

An IFV from "Oplot".

A T-64 from "Oplot".

A fire in Pervomaisk.

Junta tanks in Debaltsevo.

The junta military crossing a river through one of the blown-up bridges under Donetsk.

A sniper from the 30-th mechanized brigade of the junta.

After a shell hits.





After shelling Donetsk.

Shakhtyorsk. The corpses were removed.

More from Shakhtyorsk.

Another IFV abandoned by the junta.

A junta IFV blown up under Shakhtyorsk.

Dmitry Belitsky, ukr. artillerist. Abandoned by the ukr military. 07/31 Died on the operation table. The Ukrs told his relatives that he's alive.


The tombs of the killed and the already buried punitive troops.

Rally in support of the DPR and the LPR in Voronezh.


Plus the interesting articles from our resources from today. – the commander of the 51-st junta brigade will be tried for not capturing Saur-Mogila. – spy games of Kurginyan – about the problems of the punitive operation – ecosystem of a besieged city – foreign mercenaries of the Naziguard use their own weapons – Ukraine, the land of the refugee officials – Poroshenko performs cleansing – the junta's foreign minister Klimkin received instructions from Kerry – they'll pay dearly for Euromaidan – Donetsk militia fighters about war and peace

Plus the broadcasts and the summaries. – online-broadcast on the "Voice of Sevastopol" for 08/06 – online-broadcast on the "Voice of Sevastopol" for 08/05 – a summary of military action in Novorossia for 08/05.

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