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...and once again "the criminal regime went against Maidan"

They are burning tires again in Kiev. The criminal regime once again wants to suppress freedom and democracy.

Today at 9am from the side of the Mikhaylovskaya St. the municipal employees and the police officers started to dismantle the barricades.

A convoy of municipal employees approached from Mikhailovsky cathedral at 9am, – says the correspondent of
The maidantards barricaded themselves on the territory of the village and threaten to ignite the tires. They are armed with sticks and shields. Also the activists want to shoot from fireworks.
The police officers, who are present at the location of the event, don't interfere into the situation for now.
Some of them are armed with assault rifles.
Trucks continue to approach Maidan. For now the argument between the municipal workers and activists continues, Kiev residents are called to stand at the guard of the activists from the stage. (in Russian) – link

The tires are burning in two places on the Independence Square (n.b. this is the Maidan) in the center of Kiev, a loud bang could be heard a few minutes ago, which was reminiscent of an explosion.

The whole square is covered in dense smoke. The fires started on the Independence Square at the same moment when the municipal employes were tearing down the barricades.
Behind the clouds of smoke it can be seen that there are a lot of people there, clashes cannot be ruled out. Police is pulling to the square.
In the morning on the Independence Square they started to dismantle the barricades near the House of the Unions. Herewith, the capital's municipal employees asked the Maidan residents to disassemble the tents, which were mounted on the road in the center of Kiev, by themselves. But the representatives of the so-called Maidan self-defense announce that they won't do this and that the municipal workers along with the police officers need to "take a hike". (in Russian) – link

Original article: (in Russian)

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