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Fighting in South Donbass

Photos of new trophies taken by the militia fighters appeared on the net. It is not clear yet if this is from the 25-th airborne that was routed under Shakhtyorsk or from the remains of the 79-th in the cauldron.

Plus today the enemy suffered serious losses trying to advance to the North of Yenakiyevo towards Snezhnoye. The military ran into minefields and fell into a kill area.

After one and a half hours of preliminary bombardment on the defensive line Snezhnoye-Torez-Ivanovka, a group of Ukrainian army consisting of three tank battalions of the 81-st Separate Mechanized Brigade with the support of the 74-th Separate Regiment of Special Forces went into attack and fell into a minefield, which were setup the previous night in the supposed locations of possible breakthrough. Over 15 minutes more than 19 armored vehicles were destroyed. Several dozen people were captured. According to the preliminary, and at this moment, not clarified, data, between 3 and 8 IFVs and 4 tanks were captured. The enemy is suffering catastrophic losses.
Militia forces are developing a counter-offensive in the direction of Dmitrovka-Dyakovo. (in Russian) – link

"During the evening of August 6th, the enemy performed artillery strikes on the West and the South outskirts of Donetsk. There is damage.
During the day fierce fighting continued between Snezhnoye and Dmitrovka. Two enemy convoys were routed by artillery fire, which were leaving from the area of Dyakovo to merge with the enemy group breaking towards it. Nevertheless, a part of enemy forces managed to break into the area of Miusinsk, where its strike armor group also deployed from the area of Stepanovka. Our detachments continue fighting in that area."

The remains of the 79-th brigade rushed headstrong through Minusinsk in the evening, which led to heavy fighting on this direction.

Fighting is ongoing near the settlement Pervomaiskoye (South of Snezhnoye) (area of mine No. 2), and also in the area of mine No. 1 and the settlement Limanchuk (South-West of Sneznoye). From Sneznoye against the Ukrainian military near Miusinsk there were 2 full Grad salvos. The 79-th departed light, dropping everything, there are difficulties with the 24-th mechanized brigade, which is snarling.

Already on August 6 a strike on Miusinsk followed through Latyshevo, which was localized by the evening. Apparently, it was supposed to assist the exit of the 79-th brigade, but this didn't happen and the armor group of the 79-th brigade was forced to break at its own risk.

The overall meaning of the events is as follows: the 79-th airborne brigade, which is located in the Western part of the cauldron (which was earlier processed by their own aviation), dropping the most part of the remaining vehicles (without ammunition and fuel), rushed to break through Minusinsk. To meet it, from the South-East of Yasinovataya and Yenakiyevo followed an unblocking strike of the 81-at separate mechanized brigade and a separate regiment of special forces.
It is absolutely obvious that this desperate step will cost big losses in men and equipment for the junta. The cauldron is obviously in its last few days of existence. The majority of vehicles that were in the cauldron will be either captured by the militia or destroyed.

A murdered woman in Donetsk.

Nevertheless, on the background of these convulsive operations in the area of the West side of the cauldron, the junta continues to pull forces to Donetsk. The city is systemically shelled, there are victims among the civilian population. The bet will be obviously made on massive preliminary bombardment.

UPD: Many corpses of the junta soldiers at the checkpoint under Snezhnoye. 18+

Original article: (in Russian)

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