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Briefly about the important

Briefly about the important.

1. Saur-Mogila. Fighting continues, the enemy couldn't capture the high-point itself, but it is pushing the militia fighters, which suffered serious losses, out of there with artillery fire. The sides cannot fortify on the high point itself, which is zeroed-in and is constantly covered from howitzers and MRLS. According to the junta announcements, the monument of a soldier that stood next to the stella fell. The junta gave no photo evidence of capturing Saur-Mogila over the recent days, although during 2-3 days it wasn't a problem to take photo with a stella with a Ukrainian banner on it.

2. Miusink. By the night between August 8 and 9 the enemy after heavy street fighting was pushed to the outskirts of the city, as they announce, the remains of the 24-th separate mechanized brigade that was retreating from the cauldron are fighting in semi-encirclement (reinforced armored group + the joined detachments of other units that were retreating from the cauldron). The approaching militia reserves are used primarily here, because the command does not lose the hope of "cooking" this unit of the retreating group in a "mini-cauldron" order Miusinsk.

3. The majority of the cauldron by lunch time of today is already cleansed, dozens armored vehicles were captured, a lot of abandoned and destroyed property was discovered. According to the preliminary data the overall losses in dead, wounded, and prisoners during the breakthrough from the cauldron over the night between August 7 and 8th were 250 people. Among the trophies 25-30 armored vehicles and cannons captured from the junta can enter combat immediately. After 1-2 days communication will open through Dolzhanka, a final sweep of the deserted cauldron will be completed tomorrow.

4. The messages are coming about the enemy breakthrough to Krasnyi Luch, where the enemy entered the city, and the majority of the local cossacks of ataman Kozitsyn fled. The loss of Krasnyi Luch implies the threat of operational encirclement of Donetsk and Gorlovka. Apparently the enemy forces that retreat from Miusinsk are passing through it. According to the map, perhaps they want to break to their own through Malonikolayevka and Lutugino. On the other side, they may try to rush through Vakhrushevo and Fashevka to Debaltsevo.
Low combat readiness of cossack units was noted before too, primarily this is low robustness against tank attacks and powerful artillery shelling. As front line units they showed themselves, with rare exclusions, as mediocre, which fighting for the Lisichansk protrusion showed.
The problem of militia fighters is that they have quite few mobile reserves in order to quickly put an end to such roaming on the rears and to reinforce the unstable units.
Because fighting continues, the situation won't become fully clear before evening.

After dinner they promised to provide a more up-to-date information.

Plus a few photos.

Strelkov gives awards to those who distinguished themselves during fighting for Donetsk.

A patrool in Donetsk.

Rapid reaction groups departing Donetsk.

Machine gunner. Gorlovka.

Militia fighters in combat zone.

A sniper in Shakhtyorsk.

PS. On the first photo apparently the vehicles of the remains of the 24-th separate mechanized brigade in Miusinsk during the day of August 8th.

Original article: (in Russian)

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