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Situation with Krasnyi Luch

Encirclement of Donetsk is postponed.

Today in the morning an operational crisis emerged, an armor group of the 24-th separate mechanized brigade during the night between August 7 and 8 slipped to Miusinsk and by the morning of August 9 after being pushed away from Miusinsk they broke into Krasnyi Luch, from which a part of unstable militia detachments retreated. Simultaneously with this through Fashevka and Vakhrushevo from the side of Debaltsevo an unblocking attack with a reinforced armor group followed. In the end, by the dinner of August 9 considering the units that were retreating from the cauldron and the unblocking group the enemy had up to 30 tanks and about the same number of IFV/APCs and up to 700 people of infantry.
But the remains of the garrison of Krasnyi Luch exhibited genuine heroism by winning several crucial hours, which allowed to operatively pull-in reinforcements from the LPR and the DPR and to break the crisis situation to the benefit of the militia, they started to push the enemy out of the city, which was aided by the low amount of fuel and ammunition in the breaking remains of the 24-th SMBr. At this moment the crisis in the process of overcoming. Currently, a part of breaking group is pushed to the South-West of Krasnyi Luch. Fighting continues.
The situation was indeed close to critical and the threat of encirclement was indeed looming over Donetsk, but at this moment is seems like it has passed. Nevertheless, it is not advised to lose concentration, the crisis is not overcome yet and the risk for Donetsk communications still exists.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: donetsk people's republic, strelkov, war in ukraine

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