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I recall how in the Spring certain Tolstoyans argued on the topic of an appeal, which said that the situation is unavoidable when a person has to take an assault rifle and shoot at buses with the fascists. There was a major temper tantrum back then, the 80-th level elves were all out, which was not surprising, this publication was even before Odessa and Mariupol. And now the appeal, so to say, became real. A bus, fascists, people with assault rifles, and a pile of bodies at the output.

As the correspondents of the Committee of social communications (CSC) of the DPR, – a bus with the militants of "Right sector" was driving from the side of Zaporozhye in the direction of Donetsk.
On one of the checkpoints the Ukrainian punitive troops opened fire on the positions of the DPR army. As a result of a firefight more than ten militants were eliminated, which were armed not only with firearms but also with grenade launchers. The criminals were wearing expensive imported camouflage. Despite the effect of surprise, the DPR fighters operatively repelled the attack. The losses on our side – 1 wounded. (in Russian) – link

Careful, the photos under the spoiler are 21+
Impressionable people, women, pregnant, and children – move along.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

As I systematically write since February, this is the only language that the fascists understand. What happened to those who tried to argue with them you can see on the example of Odessa, Kharkov, and Mariupol. As for these characters, they will be jumping no more. They wanted, probably, to drive to Donetsk and to participate in the assault, but this is how it ended.

PS. As they are clarifying in the comments, the owner of the magic anti-Putin dancing rug was actually a quite famous "person". A Georgian mercenary from the punitive battalion "Donbass-1" with an alias of Doberman.

 (in Russian) – link

The magic rug didn't help.
I predict a large number of demotivators with the body and a painful butthurt of the fans of "La-la-la..."

PS2. In the comments they hint that there could be more rugs and it wasn't Doberman who met his fate, but his imitator.
Here is another character with a similar rug.

This is a nightly puzzle for you, guess who is deceased from his rug.

UPD: The video flew in. These idiots indeed drove into a checkpoint. All nominations for the Darwin prize go to the "Right Sector".
Careful, the video is strictly 21+.

Original article: (in Russian)

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