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Rout of fascists under Stepanovka
NKVD Officer

A video of the rout of the junta military under Stepanovka appeared.
Images of the crushing defeat of the junta are a joy to behold.

I point your attention to the amount of the destroyed materiel of the junta over the recent weeks, dozens are destroyed and nobody even counts it much. Taking the materiel losses into account, it is absolutely obvious that the losses in personnel are in the hundreds and thousands.

PS. As a trailer.
The fascist yell about huge losses of "Aidar" in fighting for Khryashevatoye.

The "Aidar" battalion was ambushed in the area of the villages Novosvetka and Kryashevatoye, the security personnel suffered big losses, this is announced by the users of the social networks with a reference to their sources in the battalion.
"In the area of the villages Novosvetka, Khryashuvata they are EXECUTING "AIDAR" more than 20 dead and more than 30 wounded THEY WON'T MAKE IT UNTIL THE MORNING IN THE ENCIRCLEMENT, THERE IS NO ARMY SUPPORT," – told Igor Alekseyev during the night.
It is said that no fewer than 22 fighters in the battalion perished, another 36 warriors received wounds of varying severity. – link

22 dead and 36 wounded over half of a day of fighting? Awesome.
They also say that during an ambush under Izyum the guerrillas destroyed 6 poles from the PMC "Othago".

Three brigades were whacked. The survivors from the 72-nd SMBr speak about the real losses of the 24-th, 72-nd, 79-th, and the 25-th brigades of the junta.

Plus photo.

Motorolla's detachment in the liberated Miusinsk.

The fascists during fighting for Ilovaysk. (in Russian) – link.

Shelling of Donetsk with phosphor munitions.

Plus the assorted.

Photo from a militia drone. A convoy of heavy MRLS and missile complexes is deployed in a village.

Plus a report of Russia-24 about Alexei Mozgovoi.

Plus I support the informational project dedicated to the photo and the documentation of the really destroyed armor of the junta. The meaning of the idea is simple – to create a database with all of the destroyed junta armor and to give a photo or a video for each episode. The project is in the stage of development.

Original article: (in Russian)


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