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Briefly about the essential

Among the essential during the night and the morning.

1. The junta once again – for the 6-th or the 7-th time reported capturing Ilovaysk, but by the noon it decided to become more modest and announced that if not whole Ilovaysk then at least a half they definitely hold.
Actually, already yesterday they were sitting in the urban area on the southern outskirts of Ilovaysk and engaged in a firefight with the militia, which continues up until even now.
Officially there are 9 dead with the junta, actually, as usual, there's much more. The "Oplot" reinforcement arrived into Ilovaysk, including 5 tanks, so fighting will continue here further, and they'll manage to capture Ilovaysk for the 8-th, 9-th, and 10-th time. On the background of victorious communiques of the official speakers, the hysterical cries from the locations that "Donbass-1" was actually removed from the fighting for the city are much more symptomatic, because "Donbass-1" officially apparently captured Ilovaysk.

2. The "assault" on Luhansk suddenly withered, after the junta was pushed back from Kryashevatoye. Apparently, the convoy that rolled into Luhansk helped to repel the junta from Khryashevatoye, and then went on its own business in the city, after which the junta had a temper tantrum, because they were telling us for 5 days how they are about to capture Luhansk, and suddenly one-and-a-half kilometer convoys roll in there instead. Fighting near Novosvetlovka continued, but the roadway is still under threat. The most part of Stanitsa Luhanskaya is under the militia, the junta fortified on the outskirts. During the night there were sluggish firefights.

3. On Uspenka checkpoint to the south of Amvrosiyevka. For now mostly reconnaissance and sabotage groups of the militia operate there, there's no serious wrap from the south at the moment. The junta simply lacks forces to hold the front line, and so here the militia wander through the rears of the south group as if it was home. But it must be understood that this not at all the claw with which it is possible to form a new cauldron under Amvrosiyevka.

4. As it was clarified, the militia indeed reached the outskirts of Lutugino already yesterday, the capture of which may greatly increase the connectivity of Novorossia and speed up the defeat of junta military south of Luhansk. But there's no speaking about the assault of the city, so this tactical success shouldn't be overrated.

5. Apparently, yesterday was one of the bloodiest days for the junta military from the point of view of irrevocable losses. Heated fighting under Ilovaysk, Novosvetlovka, Khryashevatoye, Gorlovka, and Yasinovataya resulted in hundreds of dead and wounded. Tsaryov even sounded the number of more than 800 dead. 800 or not, but according to all sources, the losses from yesterday were very significant.
The militia also lost several dozens dead and wounded yesterday. Of course, dozens of civilians also perished, destruction continued in the cities of Donbass, especially memorable was a horrible explosion of the chemical plant under Donetsk, with a multi-kilometer plum of smoke and a brightest fire, which could be seen from many kilometers away from the explosion site.

Overall, fighting continues on crucial location. There's 4 days left until the Independence Day of Ukraine. There's a thought here that there's no way it is possible to capture Donetsk and Luhansk by the holiday.

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