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Colonel Cassad (in English)

Bullhorn of Totalitarian Propaganda

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About "workers of the military surplus store"
NKVD Officer

Translation: "We are not jumping." (n.b., a reference to the Euromaidan's "Whoever's not jumping is a Moskal" meme).

In the last week, on the background of persistent cries of the junta that it is not fighting the militia but that it is fighting the Russian Army, the standard questions from uncomprehending characters intensified : "Is what the junta says true?", "And where is T-90 coming from? '"And where is "BTR 82-A" coming from?", "How did the new grenade launchers end up there?" "And who are the fascists showing in their clips?"

It would seem that the experience of the operation in the Crimea, when the Russian military participation was obvious after February 26, but was officially denied up until mid-March, would help to understand the course the Russian Federation behavior in this matter. Back then it was exactly the same, the fascists similarly released videos where they tried to prove that here someone was captured (waving passports and military IDs), where they persistently argued that exactly such a weapon and uniform are not sold in the "military surplus store", that there are not that many militia fighters in Crimea, and in no way could they have "Tigers" and the latest models of small arms. The junta yelled about it during the whole Spring. All of these cries were officially ignored announcing that "There are no Russian troops there, so you can roll all of your proofs in a tube and put it right up in a certain place". When the situation was already played out, Putin said that yes, they were there. But it happened exactly when it no longer had any significant consequences for the operation.
Right on the day of the military intervention in the Crimea I could write in a blog that the Russian special forces are in action, I could even specify the number of the 91st Brigade of the GRU of the Russian Federation, which operated under the guise of the militia, but as long as it is not officially recognized, these troops are not there. These are the rules of the game. Despite what is written in blogs or being proven by the juntists. This is a very peculiar form of post-industrial warfare, which is called a "hybrid war". Active engagement with the official position of "we are not there" or "You are seeing me in a dream". It is weird that over the last months of the war this form wasn't fully understood by everybody, although it is quite obvious. The notorious "military surplus store" is not a figure of speech. It can "sell" actively or not so actively, depending on the domestic considerations associated with the very same Strelkov or Akhmetov, but the fact of its existence is obvious to anyone who is more or less familiar with the real, and not the TV, picture of the war in the Donbass. Of course, many of those who are familiar with the real picture will still write that "no, there's no military surplus store." This is also an admissible position, which supports the official line on this issue. If there's nothing officially, then there's really nothing there. Actually, what is leaking to the press is only a small part of the real picture, which is broad and interesting, but which it is too early to speak about, so that the common cause is not hurt. Officially, there is nothing, after the war it will turn out that there was and is something. Once everything will end in our favor and it will no longer have operational significance, I will lay out some details of the back side of the war in the Donbass in the form of a separate series of articles.

I've actually never made it a secret that the "military surplus store" exists and it does exist (which is why I never wrote that Russia fully dumped Donbass), providing various amounts of military and financial aid to the fighting detachments, depending on the will of those on whom these flows are locked in, and on those who are involved in their distribution. For some time now, the "military surplus store" has a seasonal sale and also hands out credits, which does not prevent the continuation of the official line of "Nope, nothing, and there was never anything." On the Internet you can prove whatever you want, the diplomats will continue to play ping-pong, which can last for weeks or months. There is certain work and there is its informational and diplomatical cover. Exactly the same way as it was in the Crimea. Because this game goes on and is accepted by all parties (it would seem that the masters of the junta already have a bunch of "evidence" of the work of the "military surplus store", but they are consistently treading water in the style of "But there is no way the militia could have exactly this." and receiving the already standard answers in the spirit of "Well, you never know where and what they are filming, you never really know what the militia have there, you have no evidence." Because this scheme is cyclic, it will continue for an arbitrarily long time, if it is necessary, then it will continue up until the capture of Kiev or even Lvov, Mr. Lavrov will walk up to the mike and tell you that Russia is no way involved in anything whatsoever. And officially it will be that way. And the fact that some blogger or a commentator wrote in their blog,... these are personal opinions of individuals. And try to tell me that this scheme is not working.

Actually the meaning of all these disputes is that in addition to the real war, the parties are also fighting between each other for the creation of the dominating informational picture so that the situation would be officially re-evaluated and in this case Russia would recognize at least some evidence of its participation in the war in the Donbass right now (and not sometime later, when the situation will already be played out).
Therefore, it does not matter which evidence, real or fake, the junta will present, in any case it will be denied, because those are the rules of the game. When this simple thing becomes clear to you, you will be much less excited by the next "revelations" from the junta side. In general, all of it can be simply ignored, because they are presented by the enemy, against whom there is a war to its destruction. From the point of view of the unfolding offensive operations south of Donetsk, it is actually an minor issue, because the catastrophe of the southern group of forces of the junta is coming up much faster than there will be any impact of the "evidence of the invasion of Russia".

And regarding the "workers of military surplus store", the presence of which the junta is trying to prove, then officially there's nobody there, of course. And officially there won't be anybody there. Well, and now I think that you figured out everything and will ask stupid questions no longer.

PS. And I completely forgot to mention that the USA are involved in the events using a similar scheme.

Original article: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1751820.html (in Russian)

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Всем сектантам на заметку: cassad_eng никак не связан с colonelcassad. Это разные люди, cassad_eng никак не аффилиирован с colonelcassad.

Скажу "для кого" была переведена статья. Для всей англоязычной аудитории cassad_eng.
Придурки :))

А зачем было переводить заявления о военном участии России на Юго-Востоке Украины для англоязычной аудитории?

Ведь даже когда Кургинян сказал об участии гражданского общества в этом конфликте (после чего поднялась буря комментаторов), он это на английский не переводил.

Что до связей. Пока что не было официальных опровержений от Бориса Рожина об отсутствии связи с вашим журналом (или, возможно, я не смог найти - тогда киньте ссылку), не было вопросов от него в его блоге, почему вы назвали аккаунт таким образом и почему из раза в раз в комментариях к его статьям выкладываете ссылки английские переводы его статей. Так что позвольте усомниться в отсутствии связей между вами и Борисом Рожиным.

Затем что в этот блог выкладывается все что касается войны на Украине. Если что-то не выкладывается то только от недостатка времени/ресурсов. Такова миссия блога, что и указано в "Blog Information". Тем более качественная аналитика. Ее я практически всегда перевожу.

Борис Рожин вряд-ли будет делать какие-то заявления. Это я так думаю, а вообще я понятия не имею что он будет делать. Я вообще его в жизни ни разу не видел лично. Он не знает даже моего ФИО. Если он и будет делать заявления то ему придется их делать по поводу каждого сайта в сети который захочет перевести его материалы. А это безумие. А безумия не будет :))

Аккаунт был назван так как он назван потому что такова его миссия. И другого такого блога на тот момент, да в общем и сейчас и близко не было. Создан он был в полном соответствии с политикой colonelcassad по поводу репостов и распространения контента. И несмотря на недостаток ресурсов и времени, блог свою миссию исполняет достаточно неплохо.

Ссылки на переводы иногда сбрасываются в комментарии по следующим причинам 1) проекту нужна была изначальная раскрутка (уже не актуально), 2) привлечь ресурсы для проверки текста (уже в целом не актуально), 3) для длинных материалов - избежать повторных переводов другими ресурсами и для облегчения поиска контента.

Ну и напоследок. В этом блоге вводится та же политика в отношении секты Кургиняна как и в блоге colonelcassad. То есть, ссылки на ресурсы и обсуждения того что идет оттуда будут караться баном. В том числе и дальнейшее обсуждение данной инсинуации. Извините, но вы мне не оставляете выбора. Это просто уже нездоровая возня какая-то.

Edited at 2014-08-28 11:32 am (UTC)

Т.е. вы считаете вежливо озвученные сомнения чем-то нездоровым и чтобы уберечь себя от моих сомнений, готовы меня забанить со второго комментария? Очень интересная у вас позиция.

Ну что же, раз так надо для избавления от инсинуаций, то баньте - я снимок экрана сделал.

Это не сомнения а паранойя. Причем обвинения весьма нездоровые, ведь на главной странице этого блога вполне четко было написано что тут происходит и что тут публикуется.

Эта ветка остается, но я ее замораживаю. Но больше ничего не будет, мое терпение вышло.

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