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End of Ilovaysk encirclement

About what happened to the Ilovaysk cauldron.

"This morning, a number of armed units of the Ukrainian army began to move to get out of the encirclement. Someone in armored vehicles, someone - on foot, after destroying their materiel. These actions have nothing to do with humanitarian corridor. This is a military operation to break out of the encirclement. It does not matter some chose to break through on the "armor", some - on foot, due to the lack of fuel for their vehicles. The army of the DPR started fighting with the enemy that didn't take advantage of the generous offer of the humanitarian corridor "- said the Minister of Defense of the DPR Vladimir Kononov.

The first group of Ukrainian service members left the encirclement through the corridor
The media reported that the first group of Ukrainian punitive troops from the group that was surrounded in Ilovaysk retreated towards the positions of the National Guard.
This was announced on Saturday on the social networking site Facebook by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov. According to him, "the first of our fighters from the Ilovaysk group: 28 people from the Ministry of Internal Affairs battalions "Peacekeeper" (14), "Kherson" (3), and "Dnepr-1" (11)" arrived to the positions of the Ukrainian military.
However, Mr. Avakov forgot to mention in his report that even if the exit of the surrounded detachments happens, then it only happens with the assistance of the DPR army soldiers, who previously agreed to open a humanitarian corridor for the military service members.
The press service of the battalion "Donbass", which also got into the encirclement, announced on Saturday that "columns have already been formed and the route was negotiated" for Ukrainian troops to exit the encirclement.

Ukrainian military suffered huge losses under Ilovaysk
Due to shelling of the "humanitarian corridor", which the terrorists were supposed to provide for the exit of the Ukrainian troops from under Ilovaysk in the Donetsk region, the ATO forces suffered huge losses, announced the press service of the "Crimea" battalion. Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were killed and dozens were captured. "This is the kind of "green corridor" that Russia gave to us. Hundreds of corpses, dozens captured"- reported the battalion. Volunteers are sure that they had been betrayed. "There was no corridor, they simply started to shoot at the column We survived, despite the fact that we were "dumped". We're going home, "- said the military.

200 people from the "Donbass-1" battalion surrendered.
Ukrainian army servicemen, who are in the encirclement under Ilovaysk, reported to the Rain TV channel that about 200 people from "Donbass" battalion surrendered to their armed opponents.
According to them, the surrounded group of the regular army and the National Guard was not able to break out of the encirclement, despite the agreement on the humanitarian corridor. They were shelled by artillery, which forced "Donbass" fighters to surrender, said the Ukrainian military.
"They kept fighting as long as they could. We have a lot of wounded. We surrender in order to survive somehow,"- said one of the soldiers of the second company of the battalion" Donbass " to publication.
The commander of "Donbass" battalion Semen Semenchenko wrote the following on his Facebook page: "They are trying to get the guys to surrender, they guys are not giving in. On the one side there is a tank division, on the other side there is a regiment of paratroopers. Although they are the enemy, but the career military are better than the DPR, Medical assistance was provided for the wounded. Everything will be decided within an hour. "
We remind that the initiative to create a humanitarian corridor for withdrawing the soldiers of the National Guard from the encirclement was proposed by Vladimir Putin. (in Russian) - link

The situation around Ilovaysk is being inflated in order to discredit the command - an advisor to the minister
The situation regarding the state of the Ukrainian military under Ilovaysk is specifically inflated by the Russian special services in order to discredit the Ukrainian military command. Ilovaysk is used for creating a certain atmosphere. According to the UNIAN correspondent, this was announced to the journalist by the deputy minister of defense of Ukraine Alexander Danilyuk. "The Russian special services are trying to use Ilovyask in order to destabilize the situation in the country as a whole, undermine the confidence in the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, the Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in the operational command of the ATO," - said Danilyuk. According to him, the militants have the goal of routing the Ukrainian military under Ilovaysk to start the earlier-prepared protests in Kiev, which will be accompanied by the capture of administrative buildings.
"There are attempts to destroy the whole group that is there so that later riding the wave of partially inspired and partially earlier organized protests it would be possible to start direct action measures in Kiev," - added the advisor. However, he dismissed the allegations that the leadership in the Defense Ministry deliberately led the military into a trap under Ilovaysk in order to weaken the volunteer battalions. "If the General Staff did have such intentions, then it wouldn't do so by the way of 6-day mini-series," - said Danilyuk, noting that in the encirclement there are many Ukrainian career military besides the fighters from volunteer battalions. He also called on the Ukrainian citizens to soberly assess the situation and to avoid panicking. In this case, Danilyuk emphasized that after completing the operation in Ilovaysk the Defense Ministry will initiate an investigation against persons who repeatedly disclosed operational information, resulting in deaths of the Ukrainian military personnel.

The 51-st brigade suffered new losses, - reports a volunteer named Roman Martynyuk.

"August 29 of 2014 will be recorded in history as a black day," - he writes in Facebook.
We publish his post without changes or corrections:
After lengthy and unsuccessful negotiations on the topic of organizing the so-called "corridor" for exiting the double encirclement of the forces of the 3-rd battalion tactical groups of the 51-st separate mechanized brigade and several territorial defense battalions their command made the decision to conduct a combat march with the goal of a breakthrough.
For additional security the military and the battalions split into two columns. There were 77 military vehicles in one of these columns.  Another column consisted mostly from adapted civilian cars of the territorial defense battalions and stretched into 3 kilometers according to the eyewitnesses.

The first ring of the encirclement, which consisted of the Russian military, wasn't ready for this. Apparently, they didn't have precise information about the results of the negotiations. The column of the 51-st brigade passed them without stopping. Both sides thought that the corridor was provided and they simply didn't get the information yet. The Russian military had white strips on both arms and legs. Their materiel was marked with white circles. There was not a single shot from either side. Our guys later regretted this...
However, the second ring of the Russian soldiers was ready. In clear field the fascists organized direct shelling of the column from artillery and tanks. Primarily they targeted armor and military trucks. They eyewitnesses speak about rough and unconditional fire...
The vehicles were destroyed one after another from a single shot. The guys spoke about NONA, whatever the hell it is...
Only one multipurpose armored towing vehicle was confirmed to break out of this grinder because it wasn't among the priority targets of these animals... The crew and several soldiers outside rolled into the nearest Green picking up the walkers who could hold on to the metal...broke the trees, jumped through the ditches, fell off the armor and got back on it...
The guys said on that morning hell came on Earth... A lot of their words and emotions cannot be described here, I wasn't there, I didn't see it, you can only hear and understand it from the eyewitnesses... 18 lucky ones, including the two wounded were rescued from certain death by this multipurpose armored tractor.
After breaking out of the hellish circle the guys reached the place of National Guard disposition. And the vehicle gave up... Later they were moving using a semi-operational "rex", which was available in one of the territorial battalions.

Late in the evening, in total darkness, without light, 16 heroes of this undeclared war stood in the field ten kilometers away from their rear camp, the road to which was cut by the darkness...
We brought back exactly these guys after a vacation two weeks ago. Exactly due to this they recognized our bus and called us... We returned to the camp together, the rex had no light in the middle... And later there were embraces, tears, curses. 16 soldiers broke through. They got lucky. One of them is major Kl. - a commander of which there are few... Everybody else from the whole battalion tactical group wasn't lucky enough to have such a commander. Their fates were much more difficult, many perished, the rest are POWs.
Altogether there could be 300-500 of them. The scale of the tragedy that once again came to peaceful Ukrainian lands is hard to evaluate. The fascists are happy.. and continue to be afraid. The guys manged to liquidate many shitty Moskal paratroopers, the last ten of them were taken as prisoners...
The curse came to Ukraine from the East, like many times in the history. The cursed Moskal-Ottoman (n.b. that's what's he said) enemy is killing Ukrainians for a whole thousand years...
I am ashamed for our lameness. Do sympathize with the relatives, Ukrainian brothers.
PS. There is information that another group of 28 soldiers managed to get out of the encirclement on foot. An unknown volunteer helped them.
From the side all of this suggests that besides the release of Russian paratroopers the two sides negotiated the elimination of the punitive battalions that were sponsored by Kolomoisky in return for the exit of the army units of the junta from the encirclement.

The "Donbass" battalion of special designation was besieged by the separatists in Ilovaysk for ten days. They expected help from the Ukrainian army every day. The brethren of "Donbass" were supposed to come together with the army people. At midnight on August 30, it became known that the battalion surrendered.
"There is nobody left there to go for. Our guys surrendered, the commander ran away. I understand the guys - they were there for three days without water, food, and medicine. Nobody can sleep. The fate of those who surrendered is unknown, " - says Makar, the fighter of "Donbass".
At noon, the remnants of the battalion were gathered by the battalion commander Semen Semenchenko. He was in the hospital after getting wounded. When I learned about the fate of "Donbass" - I came in.
"We were told to be at the ready. Where are we going - we don't know. They took all the ammo. About the encircled troops in Ilovaysk it is known that only twenty people remain. Others were shot, even those who surrendered. Tanks came very close to the school where our military were. They have nowhere to hide, the most powerful battalion was simply dumped "- the fighter continues.
We remind that Ilovaysk is encircled by a double ring of separatists. On August 28 the military rallied next to the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, so that they would get our military from captivity, but they didn't get any help. Military assure that they sent tanks and armored vehicles into the Donetsk region. (in Russian) - link

A call from the encirclement.

Events under Ilovaysk. Death, yet again

Ukrainian troops that were surrounded under Ilovaysk were destroyed by Grad rockets and mortars. Only a few managed to break through and stay alive. They were breaking through abandoning the materiel and the wounded. The death toll is being clarified.
Let me remind you that the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers made an appeal to stop the killing. The militia also offered a corridor through which soldiers could safely get out and go home to their mothers. This initiative was supported by President Putin. What are unnecessary deaths for if the main thing is a human life? However, the Ukrainian security leaders refused to use these corridors, they decided that the soldiers have to die. Which was done. Despite pleas for help, neither the president Poroshenko nor the general Geletey did anything to save their people. (There is a question - were these people theirs? ...).
It is appropriate to recall that President Poroshenko just swore that helps the encircled troops. But he didn't do anything. The surviving soldiers said they Geletey personally threw them for slaughter. Also the advisor to the Minister of Defense Alexander Danilyuk on Friday reassured the encircled troops, they are in no danger.
To classify his crimes Geletey officially announced that he is introducing anti-retreat units that are "somewhat similar to the SMERSH".. That is, during the retreat the soldiers will be executed by new special detachments (fighting with their own), and SMERSH will seek out those who "spread rumors" (i.e., tells the truth about the crimes of the minister and his associates). Right now the outraged Ukrainians demand from Poroshenko to remove Geletey. Saying that if the president won't do this, then the soldiers will do it by themselves. And then they will get to Poroshenko himself.
If six months ago few in Ukraine understood what is happening, then now a significant portion of the population figured out that this is genocide. Ruthless elimination of their own people.
I hope that Ukraine will understand the American lies about the necessity of genocide and will finally open its eyes. The war must be stopped and the war criminals must be sent to trial.
Peace be upon you, people.

The official Russian propaganda sums it up.

And here are those could pass through the "humanitarian corridor".

Plus loading the corpses and the wounded in Starobeshevo.

And here are those who were captured.

And these got lost on the road.

And here is somebody who simply got dug-in next to a road.

Overall, the meaning of this is something like the following.
1. Due to the Russian initiative there were negotiations with the junta about providing the corridors for exiting the encirclement. For this the junta was supposed to give up its materiel (the conditions were analogous to the cauldron under Izvarino and the South Cauldron 1.0) and to release the Russian paratroopers.
2. For some reason they couldn't agree, although I think that the stumbling block was the materiel. While negotiations continued, the encircled troops assembled a strike group from joint units of the encircled punitive battalions and went for a breakthrough. Herewith, according to the announcements from the punitive troops, the militia knew about this initiative and so they yell again about betrayal at the top directed at elimination of Kolomoisky's punitive battalions.
3. Judging from the photos, some managed to slip through the encirclement ring using the lack of coordination between the militia fighters, hence the photos of the junta military who pass through the militia positions and Avakov's announcements that somebody managed to get out. Also, apparently, some were able to take advantage of the conditions of the "corridor", surrendered their materiel and returned to their own.
4. Later there was a reaction with shelling of retreating columns, which led to massive casualties (there are hundreds KIAs even according to the junta) and the loss of materiel. Along the way, a considerable number of POWs were taken, including those from the punitive battalions (which didn't happen before in such quantities). Apparently, the column was scattered by fire and the survivors fled in all directions, some got lucky, others not so much. All heavy weapons, artillery, and MLRS apparently remained in the cauldron.
5. In general, the enemy couldn't use the "humanitarian corridor" to save the encircled troops - the attempts to arrange the negotiations to organize a breakthrough from the encirclement inflicted high costs on the junta military - something certainly broke through to their own, but the significant masses of people and materiel remained on the roads south-west of Ilovaysk. In this respect such a result of Ilovaysk cauldron is clearly better for us, if they would accept all conditions now, surrendered their materiel, they would return to their own while remaining organized and alive. Instead vast quantities of punitive troops were planted, which is of course nice. And we must remember that the most combat-capable punitive battalions suffered huge losses. When Ilovaysk will be fully cleared, the militia will redeploy the freed-up forces to finish off the remaining cauldrons and to develop the offensive to the south of Donetsk towards the Dnieper river.
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